Equip, sharpen your skills to become professionals — Plumbers told

  Mon, 11 Dec 2023
Social News Equip, sharpen your skills to become professionals — Plumbers told

Mr Joshua K. Nyamavor, President of The Ghana Plumbers Association (GPA), has called on plumbers to equip and sharpen their skills to be professionals in their work.

He said, “when you equip yourself, you meet international standards, become innovative and meet current trends for national development.”

Mr Nyamavor made the call at the Association’s 2023 Annual General Meeting and DPS Pipe Application Workshop in Accra, it was on the theme: “Pipework, No Leaks”.

He said plumbers must be professionals to render good service and for capacity building as a whole.

He said doing credible and quality work would propel them to the next level, and also give them recommendations from other clients.

“When you are trained professionally, it will be passed on to the future generations which will be another key factor in national development,” he added.

The President said plumbers, who were self-employed should not think they were experts or professionals in the field but rather be ready to learn on the job.

On the workshop, he encouraged them to learn and acquire more knowledge and experience to be innovative plumber leaders.

He said they must be prepared for future plumbing techniques and materials that would be available to them in the future, and through the workshop they would have the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

He urged training institutions, to be effective in their training but not to train them in a poor and shabby manner.

“We have to streamline the training to meet standards, give out certificates and also to keep the Association informed, “he added.

However, the workshop served as a platform to allow the Association to discuss issues, improvements, and agenda for the coming year.

Mr Ezekiel Ahado, Administrator at DPS Pipes and Plastics said DPS was rolling out this workshop across the country to equip the skills of plumbers in Ghana.

He said the partnership between the institutions is geared towards the use of quality pipes and plastics for work.

He advised plumbers to emulate good work ethics at work grounds.