The Picture Perfect of Nanton Constituency

By Alhassan Abdul-Latif
Opinion The Picture Perfect of Nanton Constituency

Damilare Kuku, the author of “Nearly all the Men in Lagos are Mad” said that, there are few coincidences in life. To her, only few things on earth happen by chance. That, there are just few random events in life. To put it candidly, things happen for reasons, things do not just happen haphazardly. All and sundry will attest to the fact that, Nanton constituency has been in the news bulleting for a number of days today. Yes, if you have not had the news, I am breaking it to you that, one virtually incognito research organization in their MPs Performance League 2022, ranked Nanton Constituency and for that matter, the Member of Parliament for Nanton constituency 239th position, out of the 275 MPs in the Parliament House of Ghana. On regional basis, that is northern region in perspective, the Nanton Constituency and for the matter, its legislator was ranked first from the bottom. That is to say, out of the eighteen parliamentary seats in the north, Nanton managed to be positioned at 18th. 18/18, and as a friend humorously kept it; “the higher the rank, the poorer the performance”. Of course, according to the proponents of the research.

Certainly, the methodology used by that nameless research institution might be disputable base on criteria used. However, it is still so perplexing because of the kind of publicity that publication has gotten. Within the twinkle of an eye, it had already spread like wildfire abetted with petrol! On social media, television, radio, and in the court of public opinion. Some seeing it as a confirmation of their already held notion about the MP, others discrediting the source and questioning the authenticity and veracity of the research outlet.

Now, let us deal with the substantive issue. I do not think the furore around the MPs Performance League calls for the crucifixion of the Nanton constituents. Does it call for the hanging of the MP? Granted the publication is the factual reflection on the grounds, does it call for the Nanton NPP to throw their hands in despair? Should the seat be given up to the NDC on a silver platter? I personally think a collective retort to the above interrogations is vehemently NO!

If the above questions are on no account, the next line of probes might be; is there optimism for Nanton NPP on retaining the seat come 2024? How are they going to retain the seat? Among the candidates who are eying the seat, who has the greatest possibility of saving the seat for the NPP? If you have reasons to choose, why do you go for your choice?

In a candid response to the above questions, devoid of opacities, Alhaji Kamal-Deen Abdulai, the Deputy National Communications Director of NPP, stands tall to safeguarding the Nanton seat for the NPP. You may ask why, and in the words of Hon. A.B.A Fuseini, when the barber is shaving your hair, you have to avoid touching your head, otherwise, the blade will cut you. Lol. In order to be laconic, I will present to you just three reasons why it ought to be Kamal-Deen for Nanton.

First and foremost, do you think it is for no reason Lawyer Haruna Iddrisu, the current Minority Leader, has had the honorary rank as the 3rd best performing MP in Ghana, and the overall best in Northern Ghana? I guess you guessed it rightly. His vocality and connectivity, semplicita. Agree or disagree with me, the Minority Leader, Lawyer Haruna is vocal and networked no matter the political party in power. And that is a unique similitude Kamal-Deen has with him. Come on! Once again, take a second glimpse at Kamal-Deen; can’t you see the Haruna in him? The vocality and the network of the NPP Deputy National Communications Director, makes him the perfect replacement to redeem the unfortunate incognito tag that Nanton carries at this moment. With honesty, we will all agree to the fact, that the genre political brand “Kamal-Deen” has been in the Ghanaian political hegemony not for now, and one needs not to doubt capability and get-job-done posture of this humble, yet assertive political gemstone. An orthodox constituency like Nanton, needs an unwavering courageous persona like Kamal-Deen, who has knowledge of himself and his occupation (politics) to get the job done.

Secondly, Nanton Constituency ought to count itself among the blessed ones in this NPP administration. You should be far from thinking I am engaging in heresy and mockery of Nanton constituents. Nanton is revered and dignified, far from being ridiculed. Come to think of why Nanton Constituency is sanctified in this regime; it has, a sitting MP, Alhaji Mohammed Hardi Tuferu who doubles as a Deputy Agric. Minister, Hon. Napaga Tia Sulemana, hitherto a Presidential Staffer, promoted to the coordinator of a state agency, thus; Coordinator of Special Development Initiatives, and of course, Alhaji Kamal-Deen Abdulai, a Deputy National Communications Director of NPP, cum a Board Member of Tema Oil Refinery. Two capable gentlemen and a greatly capable lady. Excellent. Yes, they are all capable, but among all better, there is always the best. When it is said the best, it is the best, there is no any other best other than the best. And Kamal-Deen is the best among the rest. Why is he the best? I get your question. He is the more a party comrade, well grounded in the party, work for and with the party bigwigs and grassroots. Such a personality is said to be part of both the bullied and the bullies; and, it is said, that the most resiliently experienced man is who has worked with the bullies, yet suffers with the bullied. Such a man can survive in all clime and aura. It is within the locus of logic to argue, that among three, Kamal-Deen is most outstanding party fellow who serves the party day-in, day-out and therefore will subsist, as long as the party subsisted. He could be seen as the un-expirable commodity among the three, who remains valid in all circumstances.

As already made known to you, there are innumerable reasons why Kamal-Deen stands tall among the three, and two have been presented hitherto. Let’s go with the ultimate one. That has to do with his superb organizational strength and the zeal to empower others. When it comes to the ability to organize party to jerk to work, he is second to none. This he has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt, when he was given the mandate to man the NPP’s National Office of the Zongo coccus. He performed that job more than Napoleon could do it. He left an unprecedented record of electrifying the Zongo Communities to vote massively for NPP in the 2016 general elections. Among his thrilling accomplishments at the Nasara Wing was organizing the first ever National Nasara Conference of the NPP. Establishment of a Nasara Communication Team to communicate the goodwill message of the NPP to the Zongo Communities. Indeed, Kamal-Deen’s tenure as the Commander -In-Chief of the Zongo Communities for NPP was remarkably the turning point of the Zongos for NPP. Yes, his organizational skills are unmatched. On his empowerment drive, it is thrilling to reveal that, despite the fact that he never had the knot to lead the NPP in the Nanton Constituency in the 2020 election, he wholeheartedly empowered all the twenty electoral area coordinators with royal motor bikes. No electoral area coordinator was left. No wonder, the Kamal factor has now twisted the Nanton Constituency totally blue for NPP. To this effect, the constituents have nicknamed Kamal-Deen “Malizali Naa”, the wit, the Chief of Good Deeds. May God bless the proponent of this nick name. I will be wholly dishonest and inept if I don’t share an uninduced Facebook post from one of the prodigious NPP social media communicators in the constituency, who is identified on Facebook by the name; Topper Class. His post reads: “The Ultimate is here, to canvas, to bring back lost hopes and ignite the dying constituency from poor leadership!!! K4N…the journey has begun”. I leave you with my iconic remark, this is not my hand!

Indeed, NANTON Constituency has seen what it wants, and that is KAMAL-DEEN. KAMAL-DEEN has seen where he fits, and that is NANTON Constituency. May KAMAL-DEEN reign well at Nanton.


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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024