Togbe Tamtia VI installed as Paramount chief of Botoku Traditional Area

By Evans Attah Akangla || Contributor
General News Togbe Tamtia VI installed as Paramount chief of Botoku Traditional Area
DEC 10, 2023 LISTEN

The Botoku Traditional Area in the North Dayi District has enstool a 30-year-old Oil and Gas expert as the successor to Togbe Tamtia V who died some years ago.

Togbe Tamtia VI is a descendant of Kpale Clan in Botoku and Somanya respectively and Azu family in Krobo Odumasi. Until his installation, he is a resident of the Netherlands an expert in Oil & Gas and an Estate developer.

Botoku Traditional Area has been without a paramount chief for the past 20 years after the demise of Togbe Tamtia V on 3rd July 2003, buried in the year 2005 due to some chieftaincy disputes pending between the Kpale clan and the Kledzasi clan who claimed they were the custodians of the Paramount stool but gifted to the Kpale clan, decided to enstool one Nelson Gbadagba as Togbe Sei II the Paramount chief of Botoku.

Enstooling the new Paramount chief on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at Botoku Togbe Atakroa VI the Mankrado of Botoku Traditional Area stated that Botoku has been a peaceful traditional area and has never experienced chieftaincy disputes in their leadership until the community was engulfed with a situation but they have exercised patience through all provocation for some Seven years.

Togbe claimed the community suffered intimidations and a smuggled tradition into the Botoku traditions which doesn't conform to that of Botoku and thus has been referred to the Regional House of Chiefs for redress.

Togbe Atakroa warned and emphasized that no one can detect leaders to Botoku if not the people of Botoku, hence upon security advice on maintaining peace in the area they have realized it time for Botoku to install their paramount chief, ascerting that Sei has never been in the history of Botoku.

Togbe Tamtia VI in his first public address promised to serve the community, noting the overwhelming support admitting the challenges and the opportunities ahead of him but charged the community to give activate commitment and concerted efforts to progress.

Envision peace, unity and development Togbe Tamtia VI called on the people of Botoku to set aside all differences and work together towards a common goal, pledged his commitment towards the promotion of sustainable development of Botoku by wholistically investing in Education, Health Care, Infrastructure development and creating economic opportunities in the traditional area.

The Botoku community, however, have set December 17 and 23, 2023 for the confinement and the grand outdoor ceremony of the Afetorfia of Botoku Traditional Area.