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The Red Apples (part 17)

The Red Apples part 17
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"Dear Majesty, please share with us of how it was possible for you and your predecessors on the throne of Ghana to have formed such an impressive strong economy so, so innovative that the old saying ' Africa does not need the world but the world needs Africa' became a reality," was Michal Jackson curious to know.

"The tragedy of Euro Centrism when the Europeans thought the whole world spins and focused only on them even not recognizing the powers and cultures in Asia came gradually to an end. Our changed and redefined African values that each individual first and foremost is responsible for his own fate and the outcome of his life no more blame games on others or circumstances created a new spirit of responsible entrepreneurship. People started to loosen the idea that the government should provide for them by which the community of people seeking public employment instead of self-employed things drastically but of course gradually changed. The economies in the developed world focused on technology more than on developing a new citizenship and workforce. This historic momentum was a great opportunity for us to train our people on a hands-on approach leaving the developed world eventually behind."

"I love you, King. You are my hero," shouted Joshua Odhiambo watching the interview live from Memphis in Tennessee. He was on a tour through the West of America seeing old industries dead and many African products all around. China and India had lost their places of favor now it was African products people wanted to buy. The Afro-American communities with which Africans always had a problem with had changed. Not only in numbers but a substantial number of them had returned back to the roots of their blood. Indeed more so as Africa was the country any ambitious person had to go to. "We Africans have made it again. After centuries in the mental and political and cultural we are again ruling the waves of greatness. We are the leaders of the world." He stopped talking to himself and saw the number of Victoria Sloan on his phone ignored it and focused on the interview. They went out together. He met her parents about a week ago.

"....that was a great and ambitious undertaking, your Majesty," applauded Michal Jackson nervously moving his behind from side to side. Occasionally the interview was halted for video clips to run for both to make their words more visible to the audience.

"Not at all...really," clarified the King and continued," as we were down...very down. When a nation is that much down only the way up is an option. To take the bull by the horns that is what we did. Remember, after the end of the Third Reich Germany was destroyed and had to pay serious preparations. What was intended to keep Germany down turned out to be a blessing. The Allies got all the old factories, ships, and trains while Germany got the chance to build a brand-new economy. It came to many as a surprise how fast the German economy developed into a powerhouse for which reason the expression Wirtschaftswunder never got translated into any language and..."

"You mean, Your Majesty, any nation with the right mindset, the strategy of a vision, and especially in the procession of valuable resources can undoubtedly make it big in the world?" asked Michal Jackson. He sat back.

"What we did and do in Ghana is to praise self-employed people. Public servants, please do not get me wrong, are still needed in our society and they do a great job...but...," wanted King Carl I, to clarify the African concept,"

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