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The Red Apples (part 16)

The Red Apples part 16
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"It is true...," paused King Carl I, and smiled like an innocent child," it is a hate-love affair."

"Please, can you elaborate about it more?"
"Now, I love Africa for what God made it and made it to be and I hate it for all the nonsense it has brought forth. In the end, this is the promised continent for mankind...and not to forget humanity."

"A very important point, your Majesty," commented Michal Jackson nodding his head. The more the interview went on the more relaxed he became. His interview partner was as a person a very simple man. Highly intelligent but in his heart rather like a child. The love for this man grew ever more in his mind.

King Carl I, continued with his presentation: "When Africa fought for its independence each of our nations faced different challenges. Some countries had a smoother transition while other countries saw lives lost. The former colonial masters used the hunger in Africa and paid some of our men to fight for them against their people to stop the process of liberation. Shortly after the Second World War, the focus on Africa was not great. At nineteen-forty-five, the historic momentum had come to set our people free. When the Europeans were in the process of re-establishing their economies and in need of our natural resources things changed and people like Kenyatta faced serious challenges like imprisonment. Eventually, on paper, the fight was over, and in nineteen sixty many nations gained their independence. But our nations did not only face financial problems, people in power not qualified, very few academics, not much know-how how to run effective governments and build good economies...but democracy."

"Meaning exactly what?" wanted Michal Jackson to know. A glass of water was placed by his side.

"Europeans knew with this strategy they could keep us still under their feet. Our nations were no nations as such but a collection of various often each other opposing tribes. Borders were not traditional boundaries but were drawn by our colonial masters. Nation-building became problematic. Political parties were established not based on ideology but on tribe lines lifting up tribe conflicts onto the national level."

"I never thought like this, your Majesty, very enlightening," was Michal Jackson highly impressed.

"A new elite emerged from the darkness of democracy. They used private funds to make it in politics. Once at the top level repayments started of their investments made. The Portuguese had brought us the system of corruption to steal from us. When democracy hit us like a big wave our downfall was set we were doomed to fail."

Michal Jackson couldn't believe his ears. He had studied much about Africa beforehand but was overwhelmed by the words to hear spoken.