Drivers union endorse Mahama’s 24-hour economy policy

  Fri, 08 Dec 2023
Social News Drivers union endorse Mahama’s 24-hour economy policy

Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana has endorsed John Dramani Mahama’s 24-hour economy policy, believing it will significantly benefit commercial drivers.

The association’s leadership believes that the 24-hour economy will create a constant flow of passengers for commercial drivers, as essential services operate around the clock. This continuous operation, similar to those in Europe and the Americas, guarantees drivers consistent business opportunities throughout the day and night.

Currently, commercial drivers often face limited nighttime business due to the lack of activity in many commercial centres. This forces them to work day jobs and leaves night driving, considered less lucrative and potentially dangerous, largely untapped.

The 24-hour economy policy aims to change this narrative by encouraging round-the-clock activity, making night driving more profitable and safer.

The driver unions believe the 24-hour economy policy has the potential to generate significant employment opportunities, particularly for the youth. This, coupled with the increased economic activity, is seen as a significant boost to Ghana’s overall economic growth.

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and the True Drivers Union have also expressed their backing for Mahama’s policy, highlighting its potential benefits for their members and the country’s economy.

The driver unions have urged all political parties and individuals to avoid discrediting the 24-hour economy policy. They emphasize that it presents a unique opportunity for Ghana’s economic development and should be supported by all stakeholders.

According to Deputy Secretary of the Concerned Drivers Association, Asonaba Nana Wiredu, the introduction of the 24-hour economy will allow commercial drivers to work day and night since essential services will be running on a 24-hour basis just like in Europe, the Americas and elsewhere.

“We have followed with keenly a statement made by NDC flagbearer John Dramani Mahama on the 24-hour economic policy and we give it one hundred percent support. We are sure that when this policy is implemented commercial centres such as markets, harbours and other commercial centres will run day and night shifts.

“As drivers, we will be provided with passengers since essential services will be available 24 hours. As drivers, we don’t make any sales and burn our fuel working at night and this policy will be the game changer since it will push our business higher,” Asonaba Nana Wiredu, Deputy Secretary of the group said.