Lawlessness has devour Ghana

By Mike Kalley
Opinion Lawlessness has devour Ghana

The political elites have devour the heart and soul of all Ghanaians and reduced the leading lights of Africa into misery, squalor and penury, due to greed and love for power. Most pathetic tragedy is characters that begged the electorates to vote for them, and the moment the electorates fulfills their side of the social contract, the ruling elites deliberately violates the social contract with impunity.

The political elites appears to have solutions to all the predicament confronting the nation whenever they out of power, and immediately power is transferred to them, the first thing they do is to appoint half baked managers and immature politicians as Ministers and Chief Executive Officers to all the strategic state organizations. And the sad aspect was the conducts of these political appointees who lacks humility and candour to learn from the technocrats, rather chose arrogance and pride to frustrate the technocrats and their administrators.

Unfortunately these half baked appointees ward off the technocrats with threats and have their way to override all the good governance architecture in their organization.

These appointees knowing very well they are not qualified for the positions assigned them and the only way to survive in those offices, is dependent on how visible and loud their choruses of praises to the appointing authority would be.

This patronage politics has dismantled the safety nets in all of the state institutions, and its attendants consequences are the inefficiencies and the high levels of lawlessness and corruptions in all state institutions.

The ruling class knew their survival is dependent on the electorates, therefore, they consciously adapt tricks and deceptions to hoodwinked the electorates by starting all kinds of projects knowing very well it is not possible to complete it by the end of their tenure. They also deploy strategies to divide the citizenry into blocks, for a example, tribal, religious, parties and the law breakers

The most dangerous block is the law breakers who breaks laws at will, while the ruling class looks on unconcern, because they are afraid the law breakers may marshall their resources and their numbers to vote them out.. It's so embarrassing due to losing votes, the ruling class are scared to sanction these miscreants

The ruling class always want to perpetuate themselves in power hence shamelessly make statements which implies sanctioning the law breakers may robbed them of their votes The ruling elites paramount interest is not to alleviate the burden of the citizenry, rather whatever is possible, either fair or foul means that would perpetuate their stay in office as long as they can.

The political dispensatiion we are forced to experiment and the governance architecture the political class have adapted is a drain and waste on the country. Why should we continue to experiment a governance architecture where huge financial burden is imposed on the meager resources available on a group of people whose contributions have not impacted the life of the citizenry.

The conducts of this duopoly appears they are two sides of the same coin, they deceive the electorates by accusing each other of poor performance. The moment power is shifted from one to the next invariably do the worse things than their predecessors. The only difference between this duopoly is the degree of lawlessness and recklessness.

Is it not strange the citizens sat aloof and allowed people who claims they are servants to metamorphose into demigods and create a state lawlessness, greedy, corrupt and above all incompetent governance structures which they are benefiting from and living a grandiose lifestyle while the mass of the citizens are pushed into poverty by their wicked policies.

Let us wakeup from the deep slumber and rescue our beloved country from the junkyard these heartless servants have led us to. Our Members of Parliament have failed in doing the biddings of their constituents, therefore let's make a loud statement come December 2024 by rejecting as many members of parliament that we can.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024