NIB has arrested our spokesperson and asking about our identity and ambition — The New Force

Headlines Spokesperson for the New Force Shalima Abiusileft and the masked billboard
DEC 7, 2023 LISTEN
Spokesperson for the New Force Shalima Abiusi[left] and the masked billboard

The new political movement known as The New Force has accused the National Investigations Bureau (NIB) of human rights abuses following the alleged arrest of its spokesperson, Shalimar Abbiusi.

In a press release dated December 7, The New Force said Ms. Abbiusi's detention amounts to "an attempt by the Government to abuse our laws and its power in order to persecute political opponents."

The group claims Ms Abbiusi was called in for questioning on Monday, December 4, but has since been "kept continuously in custody" and denied access to legal representation.

According to the release, "During these 4 days, the security officials have continuously questioned Ms Abbiusi about the New Force; wanting to know which people are behind it and if the people want to run for President."

It further alleges that her apartment was "broken into without a warrant and the place ransacked" despite objections from her lawyers.

While police say Ms. Abbiusi used "a forged document to obtain a resident permit," The New Force asserts that "no person should be discriminated against on account of their political opinions or country of origin."

The group's statement noted, "These actions are morally and legally wrong and undermine faith in our democracy as well as the independence and fairness of our political institutions."

About the New Force:
Billboards featuring an unidentified masked man with the hashtag "TheNewForce" have popped up across Ghana.

It has caused stir on social media as the images go viral and speculation grows over the person's identity.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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