Nkwanta conflict: If we continue to play ostrich, there’ll always be outbreaks – MP

Social News Nkwanta conflict: If we continue to play ostrich, therell always be outbreaks – MP
DEC 7, 2023 LISTEN

Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkwanta South, Mr Geoffrey Kini, has said although calm has been restored to Nkwanta, businesses and schools remain shut down.

He revealed that within the first 24 hours following the outbreak of hostilities “eleven people were officially reported dead.”

Mr Kini further revealed: “The usual vibrant and boisterous town degenerated into a ghost town” with hundreds fleeing to nearby towns.

He, therefore, called on stakeholders to prioritise peace, emphasising the need for collective efforts to restore normalcy to the community

The Nkwanta South MP indicated that if the issue is left unresolved, conflicts are bound to erupt from time to time.

“If we continue to play the ostrich from time to time, there will be these eruptions,” the Nkwanta South MP warned.

Mr Kini was shedding more light on the situation on the floor of Parliament, Wednesday, 7 December 2023.

A dispute related to the execution of rituals for the Akyodes' 2023 annual yam festival, in Nkwanta was marred by conflict.

The disagreement led to numerous injuries and property damage, prompting a significant number of residents to flee the area.