The Daughters Of Akufo Addo Should Judge Their Father, Based On What He Told Ghanaians

Feature Article The Daughters Of Akufo Addo Should Judge Their Father, Based On What He Told Ghanaians
DEC 8, 2023 LISTEN

Since Akufo Addo wants the best for his children, he has therefore; gone to great lengths to ensure their happiness. All of his children were born in the United Kingdom, but does this reflect the same level of love that Akufo Addo has for Ghanaians? To be very honest, the children of Akufo Addo ought to feel ashamed of themselves for witnessing the destruction their father has brought upon the country, provided they are sincere Christians brought up in a modest household they will accept that their father is a criminal.

Since I am the son of an admirable person, I know what to say when someone asks me how proud I am of my late father. However, since Akufo Addo is the most irresponsible and criminal person on the planet, I'm not sure what his children will say about their father in response to the same question. He manipulated people from his early years using his father's influence, and he has now entered Ghanaian politics using the same deceit to cause tremendous suffering for Ghanaians.


Would you consider Akufo Addo to be a criminal or a "Messiah" if, as a sane Ghanaian, you were to examine his words and contrast them with his actual character?

People in Ghana are so negative about the future that they only consider what they will get now. When most Ghanaians consider the next generation, they would make sure to remove any corrupt politicians and those who have betrayed the people. Akufo Addo, Bawumia, Ken Ofori-Atta, and many NPP politicians lied to the people for power and failed to deliver their promises. Despite swearing the oath with the Bible, they abuse their power, oppress the people, and live on widespread corruption.
The more I read the things Akufo Addo and Bawumia spoke to Ghanaians criticizing John Mahama, the more I wonder why these individuals are still in office. Some of the remarks made by Bawumia have been visible on billboards, but the government is removing them. The point is, if Bawumia made those claims, then why are the billboards being taken down? Just that one action should serve as a caution to anyone considering voting for Bawumia.

I am aware of Akufo Addo's numerous lies, like as he claimed “My government has fought corruption not in words, but in concrete deeds. We have shunned mere exhortations and showy denunciations of unproved corruption. It has been a holistic approach.” However, the president claimed that "every cedi that is stolen means a child is denied education, the farmer is denied fertilizer, etc," this shocked me since he has become the famous Alibaba of Ghanaian politics.

I have been alerting people to Akufo Addo's corruption and writing about it for more than five years, stating that the country will face dire consequences and will destabilize the economy. These days, Akufo Addo is addicted to corruption, and no amount of money pilfered could make him happy. Ghana is heavily indebted, and it's no secret anymore as there are rumors around the country that the money is being held to purchase votes because the government has failed.

Let me tell them that the people will accept the money and still remove them from office. There will be no space available for Jean Mean Mensa and the NPP politician Bossman to rig the elections, Ghana can’t afford that. The disheartening aspect of it all is that Ghanaians frequently overlook the fact that foreign ambassadors are in Ghana on behalf of their home countries, bearing witness to the despicable acts committed by this administration, such as the overt influence of money in politics.

The difficulty is that when you address problems, you are perceived as anti-NPP or an enemy of the state because everything is politicized. When I exposed the immoralities of this regime that will burden ordinary Ghanaians, many people never agreed with me. The British Ambassador to Ghana, Harriet Thompson, has verified the corruption, as we now know, and more significantly, Ghanaians are currently bearing the consequences of the government's gross incompetence and corruption.

To be honest, I will not find it easy to tell people that I am descended from Akufo Addo. This man is the epitome of disgrace; he never considers the consequences of his actions before speaking and has been known to destroy entire hospitals that served Accra residents when funding was unavailable. Akufo Addo is a terrible man who has no compassion for the underprivileged, even when the money he has embezzled, including the COVID-19 funds, is sufficient to build that hospital.

When the funds for new shoes are not available, how can a wise president discard his old pair? Let Akufo Addo’s daughters ask their father and put sense in his head if they have one.