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The Red Apples (part 14)

The Red Apples part 14
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Joshua Odhiambo looked outside. Darkness has set in. Time was flying by so fast. He heard the waiter with their cappuccinos fast approaching. Many people had already left the restaurant they were one of the few guests remaining. The closer he looked outside to see life in the dark the more he felt the world out there became a bit spooky. At a glimpse of an eye, he thought to see an old woman passing in front of the restaurant. She looked old but something mysterious was in her. The way she walked was not the walk of an old woman. He convinced himself this was a woman in her late forties in disguise pretending to be old and vulnerable. She carried a basket full of red apples. Her face was hard to see. When she saw Joshua Odhiambo through the window staring at her she stopped and showed him her apples. Three were left from the morning sale.

He paused for a moment then came out to say: "Back in Accra we also have three of such apples. My father keeps them in the cold cellar so they can last for long."

"Oh, nice," agreed Victoria Sloan seeing the old lady walking off.

"We ended by saying Jesus Christ is not our law," turned Joshua Odhiambo back his attention to the women he wanted to get to know better.

"What I mean is when you confess your sin before the Lord Jesus Christ he forgives you with no further punishment when you ensure to sin no more. God only punishes you when you don't stop your sin. But in the human court, it must be different. Even when you confess to your sin still punishment will be your potion. In such a case with reduced punishment," said Victoria Sloan with confidence and a smile on her face.

"This is true as you said," answered Joshua Odhiambo and smiled back. "These principles create injustice on all levels and must be avoided at any cost. When you consider the background of the person thinking this will adequately bring about justice to the case and offender not only do you walk away from the principles of God but also the earthly principle that before the law all are equal and let justice be done by the judge more so than by the exact words written into the law book. You see that before different judges in the same jurisdiction even in the same courthouse the same issue and offender are treated differently matching the personal interpretation of the individual judge. That has the element of injustice in its system. The idea is by the earthly justice system individual justice can be served and the length of imprisonment will help the offender to become a changed person and valued member of society. Simply to statistics, many offenders return to prison multiple times. Our law system avoids all these problems. We connect the offender to the case before the court and ensure all get the same judgment before any of our judges. In addition to this, we have a, yes bit complicated, auditing system to monitor and value the judge's performance without sacrificing the independence of the justice system."

"This means you people think not only products must be subject to standard control or workers before promotion...or politicians through the process of election...but judges as well," was Victoria excited to hear.

The restaurant owner wanted to close for the day. With the last guests, they paid the bill and walked out into the pitch-black dark night. Joshua Odhiambo was insecure about whether or not he should take her hand into his own.

"You must share more insight into your African kingship system...but not today I am really tired," was Victoria Sloan quick to say and called herself a Taxi.