[Hot Audio] Shut up, I'm more than 20 men; I'll crush anyone who crosses my line — NPP Sagnarigu PC warns party saboteurs

By Nii Ade II Contributor
NPP Hot Audio Shut up, I'm more than 20 men; I'll crush anyone who crosses my line — NPP Sagnarigu PC warns party saboteurs
DEC 7, 2023 LISTEN

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2024 Parliamentary Candidate for Sagnarigu constituency, Madam Felicia Tettey has sent a strong warning to the party supporters who are deliberately sabotaging her chances of winning the upcoming elections to prepare to be crushed.

She said this in a leaked audio being circulated on social media when she was responding to a conversation in a WhatsApp group belonging to the NPP supporters in the Sagnarigu constituency.

She said she has endured their sabotage for long and won't tolerate such acts anymore.

"Any polling station executive who can not work for us to win the seat should shut up. Or better still, they should go and tell their electoral area coordinators that they should find people who are willing to work and replace them. If you are sabotaging me, it is the party you are destroying. And if you become a hindrance, we will crush you," she warned saboteurs.
"Don't see me as a woman. Some women can do the work that more than 20 men can't do. That is the person I am. Any executive who wants to sell our information to the NDC, we will crush him. We won't allow it to happen," Madam Felicia added in the leaked audio.

There have been rumors about some polling station executives of the NPP in the Sagnarigu constituency allegedly leaking the party's strategies and other vital information to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the area, especially Madam Felicia Tettey's opponent.

The NPP in the constituency has sent a signal that it is well prepared to go into the elections without those people sabotaging their strategies, indicating that Madam Felicia Tettey had the party's support in 2020 and will continue to receive same energy in the coming elections in 2024.

The party is warning 'the black sheeps' in the party to back off or face their wrath.

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