The NDC's 24-hour economy policy proposal needs examining carefully

Feature Article The NDC's 24-hour economy policy proposal needs examining carefully

It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That is why the graveyard of pupulist slogans, is filled with promised policy ideas that well-intentioned politicians were inveighled to campaign with, by crafty and amoral too-clever-by-half super-ruthless-advisors, with an eye on the main prize, political power.

Speaking metaphorically, one saw the grave of the slogan "Ghana beyond aid" in the cemetary of pupulist slogans, as it happens, dear critical-reader. The epithet on its tombstone read: "Had so much potential, but died prematurely, alas. Elite unfathomable greed murdered it."

It is in that light that one sees the need for cautioning politicians and party footsoldiers of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), who are clearly banking on the so-called 24-hour economy (now being touted as the moonshot-idea), which their party, if voted into power, will deploy to rescue Mother Ghana, from the doldrums of bankruptcy, which has all but tanked its national economy, and stymied sustained GDP growth.

To be fair, the 24-hour economy has the potential to impact Ghanaian society positively, by creating jobs galore, and generating wealth that remains locally, nationwide - but only if private sector entrepreneurs are sufficiently incentivised to make them regard their workers as valuable partners, to share profits with, and be given Scandinavian-type working conditions: in exchange for labour union guaranteed higher productivity, as the quid pro quo.

The question a wise and aspirational people like Ghanaians ought to ponder over when politicians talk enthusiastically about creating a 24-hour economy to help transform Ghana into a prosperous society is: Is it likely that a private-sector overwhelmingly dominated by tax-dodging, and mostly unpatriotic private entrepreneurs, who treat workers as slaves (to be ruthlessly exploited till they are either injured, and sacked unceremoniously, without compensation, or suddenly drop dead from being overworked and underpaid, as casual workers, although they are permanent workers in all but name, with no rights who are forced to work in appalling conditions, and often forbidden to join labour unions), can suddenly change their abuse and exploitation of workers, and stop evading taxes, voluntarily, for patriotic reasons, when they neither give a toss about our Republic, nor care a hoot about the masses from whose ranks they obtain their slave-labour? Let us think over the NDC's 24-hour economy policy idea carefully, and examine it thoroughly, oooo, Ghanafuor. Yoooooooo.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024