Mohammed, From Sierra Leone, Has Finally Confessed To Killing A 50-Year-Old Woman In Antwerp

Feature Article Mohammed, From Sierra Leone, Has Finally Confessed To Killing A 50-Year-Old Woman In Antwerp
DEC 6, 2023 LISTEN

In many parts of the world, crime is on the rise, and the government's biggest challenge has been to combat this crime to restore order and peace to the citizens. However, matters get more complicated when foreign nationals who are granted asylum by European governments and the ability to integrate freely commit horrible crimes. This time, a citizen of Sierra Leone living in Antwerp carried out a murder that no one saw coming.

An unexpected odor shocked the residents of Bisschoppenhoflaan in Deurne, Antwerp, leading the authorities to discover a mutilated body in the basement of an apartment building. The victim; named Linda by the police and the suspect was an 18-year-old Sierra Leonean. The incident occurred at the end of January of this year.

The foul smell emanating from the apartment's basement forced the residents to investigate and find a traveling bag that contained the body of an unidentified person, and they immediately called the police. Subsequently, the authorities learned that the 50-year-old victim was a Chinese prostitute who had traveled from Barcelona to Antwerp with the name Linda. Later, the federal police investigators discovered the apartment where she was killed.

Despite the murderer's best efforts to conceal any evidence of the crime, including painting the scene, blood was discovered at the murder scene. Following a thorough investigation, Mohammed, a Sierra Leonean citizen who lives across the street and close to the murder site, was taken into custody. He did not claim to be the murderer; rather, he claimed to have helped someone else carry out the horrifying deed. He said to be a friend of the murderer but refused to provide the offender's identity.

Mohammed's answer proved insufficient, so he was put through a lie detector test. Following his failure, he admitted to killing the woman. His lawyer chose not to hold a hearing because of his confession, which made things easier. He is now in prison.
Note from the writer

Many youngsters were taken prisoner and forced to survive on drugs during the conflict in Sierra Leone. These lethal medications turned them into child murderers who severed the hands and legs of their victims. As a result, several of these ruthless murderers were granted refuge and made their way to Europe. Even though many have successfully integrated, some are mentally unstable and plagued by memories of their past.