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The Red Apples (part 13)

The Red Apples part 13
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He was nervous and impatient at the same time. Outside the restaurant "New Frontiers" time seemed endlessly going slow. Again and again, did he repeat his well-selected words of compliments. It was his first time to do it. Looking down the street in Lower Manhattan off the main track he looked for homeless people unable to spot anyone. With his own eyes, he convinced himself that New York Mayor Debenhams propagated nonstop on social media was true the homeless crisis haunting the city for decades eventually was a matter of the past. It was his first time to be in America. For years he had refused to fly over from Africa fearing to face a cultural shock of his life. Much did he hear about the old world power that meanwhile had lost its status and seen a golden twenty atmosphere. The defense budget was cut down to the level of self-defense no more spending on the game of world police against communism, Islamism, and countries living their lives and values as they have wanted it.

"I am here...finally," laughed Victoria Sloan being too late for her date. Finding the right dress was a big problem as usual. Her closets, more like a walking-in wardrobe, were bursting filled with shoes and clothes.

He turned around instantly with wide-opened eyes. Before he became aware of her the perfume she wore told stories about her personality. With his mouth shaking he said: "I am stand...simply perplex...can't believe my eyes. Is it really you?"

"I hope in this world there is not another woman like me...or a lookalike," she laughed and took his hands to enter the restaurant. The waiter pointed to a small intimate table across the bar close to the window overlooking the street in front.

His tension faded away his heart was released. Patience to wait was never his favored discipline. Things had to go snappy from one event to follow the next. Time to doubt his actions that could stop his flow by thinking was what he feared most. He ordered the specialty of the day, Pizza World. "I see, you enjoy it!" was Joshua Odhiambo relieved to have made the right choice with the restaurant he was referred to by a colleague from College.

Victoria Sloan was from Queens a part of New York that had seen many positive changes. Like in most areas of the City knife crime and gang violence had declined drastically like under the former Mayor Rudi Guiliani who had died in disgrace eventually.

"No, we in Africa have taken humanity on to a different new level," stated Joshua Odhiambo and smiled. The nervousness was replaced by his intellectual side. "As united Africa with mostly kings as rulers, we have undergone a complete transformation. Over a hundred years ago hard to imagine we would ever come that far. Today we rule the world and spread our values around the globe. While in your Declaration of Independence, everyone has a right to strive for their luck by which you suggest this is mandatory for us we think of humans and humanity differently. We go one step further. For us, every human being is responsible for his actions. He can't blame anyone else or the circumstances. In your courtrooms, the background of the defendant is part of the process. For us, this does not matter. For Jesus Christ, it never mattered why someone committed a crime or sinned. He entirely focused on sin and when aware of the sinner he said the person should sin no more. Status and biographies were never on his mind."

"I know but...," was she interrupted by the waiter asking whether or not they were ready for a dessert. She asked her to bring two cappuccinos with chocolate flavor.