A quick note to the CEO of the Electricity Company of Ghana

Feature Article Samuel Dubik Mahama, ECG MD
Samuel Dubik Mahama, ECG MD

Sir, we will go straight to the point: We write to petition you, to, as a matter of some urgency, transfer the meter reader, who covers properties in the National Investigations Bureau (NIB ), enclave, at the Gomoa Buduburam SHC estate, immediately. Now. Not tomorrow.

He is causing havoc amongst retirees in our community, with his outrageous and totally unacceptable conduct, in inflating the consumer usage readings when he digitally records power usage in properties here.

Speaking personally, that arrogant genius, for example, inflated the latest consumption reading of the meter in the property I currently reside in, by as much as 2,000 plus units, and sent me a text message the following day, stating that I had used as much as 2,800 (or thereabouts) units, when that clearly wasn't the case, after we videoed the current reading the next day.

Sir, logically, and legally, no ECG meter reader anywhere in the territorial landmass of our Republic, who has access to an installed ECG-issued electricity meter, in any property, should be allowed to issue estimated consumer usage reading reports.

Furthermore, that kind of conduct, clearly cloaks what amounts to fraudulent conduct - by making the bogus claim that the inflated consumer power usage reading report sent by text message, is an estimated reading.

Once an ECG meter reader records power usage readings digitally in a property to which he or she has gained access, that reading is the actual power used in the property.

Full stop - and inflating the figure and cloaking it as an estimated reading is tantamount to defrauding consumers. Nothing more, nothing less.

On that basis, to serve as a deterrent to other ECG meter readers across Ghana, please order the transfer of the meter reader who currently covers properties in the NIB enclave at the Gomoa Buduburam SHC estate, immediately. Swiftly. Now. Not tomorrow.