Effutu: Protestors clash with police at Effutu

  Tue, 05 Dec 2023
Social News Effutu: Protestors clash with police at Effutu

Over 1,000 irate youth clashed with police officers in a demonstration at Winneba in the Effutu Municipality of the Central Region on Tuesday, December 5.

The clash occurred as police attempted to prevent the youth from entering the Effutu Municipality, resulting in injuries to both police officers and civilians.

The protest saw angry youth and opinion leaders expressing their displeasure about the sale of the Winneba Ramser Site and lagoon.

This site serves as a hunting place for their Aboakyire Festival.

Speaking at a press conference, Dr. James Kofi Annan warned that the Effutu youth would not allow the authorities to sell the forest for mining.

He specifically singled out the Municipal Chief Executive of the Effutu Municipality, and those involved in the sale, urging them to desist from doing so.

The protesters issued a warning, asserting their intent to halt the mining company's operations, expressing fears that the exploration would disrupt the reserve that has existed for numerous years.

They marched with placards, some of which read: "Conservation over exploitation", "Opana, why?", "The Winneba Ramsar site is not for mining", "No mining on sacred grounds", "Protect our heritage", among others.


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