The objective of Alan Cash’s “Butterfly Walks” is dead long before the walks started

Feature Article The objective of Alan Cashs Butterfly Walks is dead long before the walks started
DEC 4, 2023 LISTEN

Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng, alias Alan Cash, a recent past member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has embarked on city walks, starting from Kumasi to probably spread them to other major cities in Ghana.

Alan Cash for a second time in his political career resigned from the NPP and for the first time, going independent to campaign to win the presidential seat come election 2024, on the non-party colour of the butterfly (“afranfratɔ”).

I had previously published an article advising Alan Cash to not waste any money of his on any fruitless, thus, bound-to-fail, political campaign aimed at winning the upcoming presidential election scheduled for 7 December 2024.

He cannot win the election on such a weak independent ticket. He knows how factual my point made here is.

Unlike Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.), Alan does neither have convincing policies to move Ghana forward, nor command a huge political base. Therefore, any attempt by him to garner enough votes to win the presidential election is simply a delusion, if not illusion. He is only throwing his hard-earned money down the drain. This is an undeniable fact!

Is it not said in an Akan proverb, “mmpɔnkɔ mmpo ɛhuri ta, na ofui”, thus, “horses are even having difficulty jumping the hurdle how much more a hyena”?, to wit, “Even the more abled are having difficulty overcoming the problem how much more the less abled/disabled”?

I will suggest once more, to Alan Cash, to use any money he must spend, although wastefully, on his bound-to-fail, or already failed, political campaign on intent to become the president of Ghana running as an independent candidate, to build a factory or something of the sort, to create jobs for the teeming unemployed in Ghana. At least by building a factory to employ people, he will be better recognised by Ghanaians than to waste his money on a political campaign he knows himself to be incapable to win.

I will not even advise Kennedy Agyapong, a man with a proven track record, extremely rich, and has a larger political base, to campaign to win the presidency on the ticket of an independent candidate. If he forms a political party and fields some parliamentary candidates in some constituencies, then yes, I will encourage him to take to that path.

Alan Cash shot himself in the foot the very moment he naively refused to embrace the suggestions to him to partner Dr Bawumia as a running mate. If he had, Kennedy would not even have entered the race to seek to become NPP flag bearer.

However, now that Kennedy had entered the race with the public seeing his worth, the political career of Alan Cash should be seen as killed and killed forever.

Kennedy with his likeable qualities of honesty, farsightedness, fairness, and firmness of character that pale to nothing his negative attributes, he is the one the public supports should he form a political party to rival the two mainstream political parties - NPP and NDC.

Alan can take my advice to him or continue to pursue his “non-resuscitative” or comatose political career, throwing money down the drain.

His “butterfly walks” are much ado about nothing! They cannot compare to Kennedy’s “Showdown Walks”.

He should not copy blindly. Yes, he can emulate Kennedy. However, Kennedy is so special and miles ahead of Alan when it comes to the enhanced chances of winning the Ghana presidency one day.

I for one, will choose Kennedy any day any time over any presidential candidate in the current state of Ghana where official corruption, lawlessness, ramified crimes, etc., have become the order of the day, but the citizens urgently beckoning to a saviour to come and redeem Ghana from such baneful socio-economic circumstance in the life of the country.

A word of advice to Alan is sufficient.