SEG holds forum on Ghana’s food systems geared towards shared property

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
General News SEG holds forum on Ghanas food systems geared towards shared property
DEC 4, 2023 LISTEN

Social Enterprise Ghana (SEG) recently took the lead in championing agribusiness innovations with a thought-provoking event titled "Agribusiness Innovations: A Game Changer in Food Systems for Shared Prosperity."

Bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and government officials, the forum served as a platform to explore the transformative role of agribusiness innovations in Ghana. Key insights from Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, CEO of SEG, highlighted the vital contributions of agribusiness to job creation, poverty reduction, and overall economic growth.

Hon Yaw Frimpong Addo, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the government's commitment to holistic approaches in addressing the infrastructural needs of farming communities.

This includes substantial investments in irrigation systems to modernize agriculture and ensure year-round production.

Additionally, Bettina Schoop of GIZ Agribusiness spotlighted the challenges faced by social enterprises, particularly the limited access to finance and integration into value chains.

The forum concluded with a strong emphasis on collaboration among stakeholders, promoting public-private partnerships, knowledge sharing, and supportive policies to unlock the full potential of agribusiness innovations and achieve shared prosperity for all.