03.12.2023 NPP

Odododiodioo: Absence of Vanderpuye an opportunity for NPP in 2024 — Nii Lantey Bannerman 

Odododiodioo: Absence of Vanderpuye an opportunity for NPP in 2024 —  Nii Lantey Bannerman
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Nii Lantey Bannerman, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary aspirant for the Odododiodioo Constituency, says the decision by the incumbent Member of Parliament for Odododiodioo not to contest the 2024 General Election is an opportunity for the NPP to clinch the Odododiodioo seat.

Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, the incumbent National Democratic Congress MP for Odododiodioo, has announced his decision not to contest the seat in 2024 after representing the people in Parliament since 2013.

Speaking to journalists at the NPP’s voting centre at Odododiodioo on Saturday, Nii Lantey Bannerman said he was confident of victory by the close of polls.

He said that given his performance in the 2020 General Election, he was hopeful of unseating the incumbent MP if he had decided to contest the elections in 2024.

“His (Nii Lantey Vanderpuye) absence is an opportunity for NPP. But he knows what is coming at him. I lost the last election by a margin of 6,500.

If you consider the people who did not turn up in the commercial areas, which were my stronghold, and amounted to about 18,700 you could tell that I lost the election because of the holiday,” he said.

Nii Bannerman said having represented the NPP in the 2016 and 2020 parliamentary elections, he had gathered enough experience to win the Odododiodioo seat in 2024.

But he faces stiff opposition from Abdul Mannaf Sowah, whose message has been that the NPP needed a new face to represent the Party in Odododiodioo in 2024.

Voting commenced at about 0805 hours and is expected to close at 1400 hours.

The exercise has been relatively peaceful thus far, with the police actively ensuring law and order at the Centre.

The Odododiodioo seat has been dominated by the National Democratic Congress since 1992.

The NPP won the Odododiodioo Constituency seat in 2000 but has since failed to reclaim the seat after losing it in 2004.