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The Red Apples (part 9)

The Red Apples part 9
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"It's a great honor your Majesty that you receive me on short notice before I leave Ghana for the USA. I am so grateful," humbled Joshua Odhiambo himself before a white man on the throne of Ghana, a man he had been following for years with great admiration, a mentor to him.

"But for you, simply Karl," smiled King Carl I and sat side by side with him at the dinner table for a light lunch. "After all, you are now a man, a handsome man who goes out as our Ambassador to lecture the people in Silicon Valley or what has been left of it, and in Washington Americans about our system the improved new way of governance. They will be shocked I am sure after generations of dominion and forcing their values onto us treating us like babies not as the future rulers of the world. They thought always that they could outsmart us using the help of our corrupt elite to make us want what they wanted from us. It was to our great advantage that most Americans are ignorant of the rest of the world and history. Like Lemmings, they followed their elites and abandoned independent thinking rather than using the settler's old mentality to kill native Indians, take their land, and kill their livelihood the majestic buffalos later in mass shootings. Their arrogance reached its peak when the CIA by their presidents was mandated to kill foreign leaders like Thomas Sankara and most likely Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, violated their own human rights laws in the case of Guantanamo, torcher in the Iraq war, Agent Orange over Vietnam, and much more. It is never wise for any nation to lift itself up to the throne of a global police force especially when its own moral base is weak and values like protecting lives contradict themselves. To turn a blind eye to such values is like standing at the edge of history to fall off one day eventually. The souls of the slaves America took from us to make them suffer to death hear our trumpets of final victory. Now it is on us to lecture the world on good governance and new...the better human values. The circle has been completed. Humanity started here in Africa and eventually through the means of religion fell into the hands of the white man. Now the circle is closed again as now dominion and supremacy over humanity is back in black hands."

Joshua Odhiambo swallowed his piece of chicken meat heavily cooked to its second death very spicy and hot. He knew the King himself had prepared the meal, not any servant, and said:" One of the most wicked things the white man brought to us and especially the Americans forced onto us was their system, their values they saw in democracy. They tried to take advantage of our country by fooling us with a system that was never part of our culture only because it was popular in their society...never African thinking."

"And they knew that they needed a new political elite to their advantage and needs to keep us Africans under their feet and control," added the King with a smile of wisdom on his face.

"And to continue to steal from us...our natural resources, our vanilla, cocoa, herbs and spices, bananas and pineapples," was Joshua Odhiambo glad to have made it, his plate was empty and sparkling clean. He wiped off the last traces of food from his mouth and smiled holding a cup of hot chocolate in his right hand.

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