If My Name Is Akufo Addo, I'll start Packing Up The NPP's Possessions From The Flagstaff House

Feature Article If My Name Is Akufo Addo, I'll start Packing Up The NPP's Possessions From The Flagstaff House
DEC 1, 2023 LISTEN

Akufo Addo is pure evil; I've said repeatedly that he fears Mahama, for this reason, he has forced the Special Prosecutor to put Mahama in jail for the Airbus issue, even though no one has accused the former Ghanaian leader of any crimes. However, since Kissi Agyebeng refused to do what Akufo Addo requested, he thinks he has to punish him. Ghanaians don't know who they are dealing with when it comes to Akufo Addo, I will suggest that the NPP should start packing the party's belongings from the Flagstaff House since the majority of Ghanaians don’t want them, they are criminals.

The president is a man living in his own universe. He relies on force and the power of money to get by as president because he was not given the education necessary to develop the understanding and leadership abilities needed to be a successful president. These are some of the reasons he has failed miserably and continues to act like a child. According to him, "he will do everything in his power to transfer power to the NPP,” but this is not going to happen, because the majority of Ghanaians are not prepared to endure the unnecessary hardships caused by Akufo Addo’s widespread corruption.


The NPP made the grave error of selecting an evil person Akufo Addo as its presidential candidate; as a result, Ghana is burning today, even though Ghanaians did not start the fire, the NPP will burn too, and will never escape the fire.

The NPP party's damage to the nation's businesses and economy has taken a severe toll on the vulnerable population to the point where Ghanaians are unable to bear any more catastrophic effects on their lives. As a result, the country cannot afford to endure another four or eight years of NPP’s rule. The NPP politician Osei Mensah Kyei Bonsu claims that although Akufo Addo has failed, Ghanaians shouldn't place the responsibility on Bawumia, this senseless statement even supports Kennedy Agyapong's assertion that none of the NPP politicians are intelligent.
Notwithstanding all of the falsehoods and promises they made to Ghanaians to rise to power and plunder the nation, Akufo Addo and Bawumia are nothing more than monuments of shame and have no message to deliver. The incompetent liar Bawumia recently lied once more, saying that if people vote for him, “they can use their Ghana Card to buy a car in Ghana.” I have spent my entire life in Europe, neither in Europe nor in the United States of America is it possible to buy a car using a passport or national identity card; instead, you need a contract proving your employment.

These are just a few of the disinformation that paints Bawumia as a dangerous individual capable of doing anything terrible in addition to abusing his position as president. If Ghanaians vote for Bawumia, it tells the outside world, including leaders in Europe and the United States of America that Ghanaians are idiots for allowing someone like him to become president through rigged elections, which I know will never happen. More significantly, Akufo Addo and Jean Mensa will not get away with murder this time if they believe that killing Ghanaians will help them accomplish the NPP’s objectives.

Keep in mind that on August 13, 2022, I wrote an article titled "Akufo Addo Could Stand Trial Before The International Criminal Court In The Hague," in which I suggested that the president of Ghana might become the first head of state to be arrested and brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague because he plans to rig the elections in 2024 to maintain his party's power despite his incompetence and stupidly enough, he and Bryan Acheampong made treasonous statements to confirm and support the article I wrote.

The Ghanaian president's mishandling of the country's economy and rampant corruption, have already sparked a global debate on several forums and news sites. I therefore; began sharing the majority of my articles on international social media platforms so that readers who are not from Africa could completely comprehend the political landscape of Ghana. Fortunately, Akufo Addo was revealed as one of Africa's criminal leaders by Aljazeera's "Gold Mafia" investigation, damaging his reputation. He thought that Al Jazeera was one of the Ghanaian news outlets, after demanding an apology and threatening to sue them, the international news media ignored him and he shamelessly left the case.

Since many world leaders are aware of Akufo Addo’s widespread corruption and collapsed economy and requested financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund, political analysts will not consider the NPP or Bawumia winning any elections in 2024. As a result, when violence breaks out due to election rigging, they already know the root of the issue, making it impossible for NPP politicians to continue blaming John Mahama for starting it. I promise Ghanaians that in 2024, the NPP will go to the opposition; and if Akufo Addo shed blood, he and Jean Mensa could be arrested at The Hague.

It pleases me that most of the people who read my posts are not Ghanaians, but rather Europeans and Americans, and, therefore; following Akufo Addo's despicable and corrupt regime and know that in the 2020 elections, he killed eight people. More importantly, foreign ambassadors serving their nations in Ghana are all witnesses to the abysmal government of Akufo Addo and since he is a man who doesn't understand shame, he will attempt to level false accusations against John Mahama, including the Airbus issue because he is aware that there are always tribal bigots to give him support against the former Ghanaian leader.

When such cheap political propaganda against the former Ghanaian leader happens, the NDC need not be worried, my best recommendation for Mahama and all the NDC politicians is that they should put up enormous billboards during their campaign and list all of Akufo Addo's crimes, including his illegal mining activities that have destroyed the nation's major rivers and ecosystems and his gold dealings that have cost the state millions of dollars, which was made public by the international news outlet Al Jazeera. His reputation will suffer as a result, and Bawumia won't even have a chance to win by rigging.

While on the podium speaking, comedian Bawumia made a vow to the people of Ghana that jobs would be abundant and that people from other countries would come to work in Ghana. However, he was unable to deliver on his promise, and thousands of Ghanaians were still without a job. Even so, I'm curious as to whom the vice president and finance minister are deceiving when they assert that their governments have created one million jobs and 2.5 million jobs, respectively.

Despite Ghana's dire circumstances, Kissi Agyebeng, the Special Prosecutor appointed by Akufo Addo to investigate corruption, has had his life shattered to prevent him from looking into the president’s pervasive corruption. If Ghanaians allow Akufo Addo, Bossman Asare, and Jean Mensa to rig the 2024 elections, they should prepare for another devastating economic challenge and mass suicide.