Is the National Media Commission Seeking To Compel Journalists To Endorse The Corrupt Government Of Akufo Addo?

Feature Article Is the National Media Commission Seeking To Compel Journalists To Endorse The Corrupt Government Of Akufo Addo?
NOV 30, 2023 LISTEN

The Ghana Institute of Journalism annually graduates professional journalists, but they have failed to notice or acknowledge that the journalism industry in Ghana has collapsed and lost its credibility, due to an overabundance of professional journalists and media outlets that are deteriorating the lives of Ghanaians by accepting financial support from the government for their criminal activities. In today’s Ghana, you are now considered a threat to the government if you oppose Akufo Addo's corrupt regime.


Mr. Yaw Boadu Ayeboafo, the chairman of the National Media Commission, is a seasoned journalist Ghanaians look to him to fight corruption that affects the poor. Sadly, he has caved into the president's immoralities by declaring war on journalists who expose the horrors and systemic corruption of Akufo Addo's government.

The military and police have been bought off by Akufo Addo with money, therefore they are powerless to combat crime the NPP politicians are frequently involved. In any serious country, politicians like Eugene Arhin and Cecilia Dapaah ought to have been in prison but not Ghana; therefore, things are becoming worse under Akufo Addo's administration every day. Unfortunately, the National Media Commission, an institution that ought to have stayed impartial, is currently close to Akufo Addo and terrorizing the few journalists who dared to criticize his dictatorship.
The National Media Commission and Minister of Information Kojo Oppong Nkrumah saw nothing wrong with anti-NDC radio propagandists and treasonous NPP politicians inciting fear, terror, and violence among Ghanaians while defaming Mahama on the air. However, the National Media Commission feels that a journalist should be punished or the media outlet suspended if they speak about a coup and how the corruption of the administration has forced many people into poverty and even suicide.

The coup attempt in Sierra Leone, which was aborted this week, may have been the first in an English-colonized nation after those in Mali, Guinea, Gabon, Burkina Faso, and other French-speaking nations went on the rampage to overturn the restrictive policies of their former colonial master, France. As a result, this has become a global issue being discussed by many international media outlets. If a Ghanaian journalist takes this coup seriously enough to broadcast about it, I don't see anything wrong with that.

The journalist has been accused of inciting ethnic strife, a military mutiny, and using youth to incite rebellion against the government. Furthermore, the NMC reports that "he has systematically sought to subvert critical national institutions, such as the Ghana Armed Forces and the Council of State, in a way that clearly and presently threatens the public interest," in addition to other claims. I refuse to purchase such garbage, why didn't the NMC suspend Bryan Acheampong after he made the traitorous claim that "the NPP will not hand over power to the NDC?”

Akufo Addo is terrified whenever the word "coup" is spoken in Ghana because he knows that his despotic actions, pervasive corruption, and other financial crimes he has done call for an instant coup to seize power. He does not, however, feed Ghanaians to instruct them on whether or not to discuss coups. He can only find serenity by ceasing to steal and embezzle public funds from Ghanaians, to prevent other NPP politicians, such as Cecilia Dapaah from doing the same.

There will come a moment. Akufo Addo will come to see that the state of affairs in the nation has been destroyed, therefore no amount of high towers of corrupt judges he has erected to defend himself can provide the protection he desires. The man is a devil who roars like a lion in search of prey, he will undoubtedly die with all the corrupt NPP politicians and judges, that’s why he is currently experiencing hallucinations, and the mention of a coup raises his blood pressure.

Ghana has come to the perilous and deadly realization that the nation needs the media to combat corruption because the president has not kept his word about fighting corruption and preventing illegal mining from harming the country's rivers and ecology. In my opinion, this administration must go because it has too many corrupt branches, such as state-sponsored media and judges, who are seriously damaging the country beyond repair.

Everything has failed due to widespread corruption, including investments and businesses, and the unemployment rate is still rising despite the skyrocketing cost of commodities. In the meantime, a minister can keep more than $1 million in her home without facing consequences. Ghanaians ought to have needed the media, especially the National Media Commission, to speak out at this time since, regrettably, the media commission has disappointed Ghanaians.

I have the utmost regard for Mr. Yaw Boadu Ayeboafo, the chairman of the National Media Commission, but I must clearly say that he is contributing to the issue since he has submitted to the government's immoralities and now believes that those who oppose it must suffer the repercussions. The media should not be shut down or a journalist dismissed for reporting that some military chiefs are hoarding money that should be given to Ghanaian peacekeepers.

I have repeatedly stated that although the people of Ghana do not desire a coup, the current state of affairs and the opposition to those seeking to improve the country will eventually lead to an unanticipated coup. Considering the damage that has been done to the country and the fact that Akufo Addo is a tyrant, nobody seems to care. When the military takes over in Ghana, it will be even more brutal than during Rawlings's time.

My heart bleeds to see criminals like Ken Ofori-Atta serving as Ghana's Finance Minister and together with his relative, the president, ruining Ghana beyond remedy, sadly, journalists are paying a heavy price for their integrity in the fight against financial crimes because they refuse to support Akufo Addo's dishonest, inept, and slothful government.