Can Elon Musk's X online social media platform help create a world without wars and civil strive?

Feature Article Can Elon Musk's X online social media platform help create a world without wars and civil strive?
NOV 29, 2023 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, can Elon Musk's X, formerly Twitter, social media platform, play a significant role in helping humankind create a world without wars and societal civil strive?

Whatever be the case, because of its global reach (it is more widely viewed globally than Facebook apparently), it is crucial that X, formerly Twitter, becomes a global online force for good. No question. Full stop.

That is why one hopes, dear critical-reader, that the latest insights gained by the owner of X, formerly Twitter, Elon Musk, after his recent visit to Israel and wartorn Gaza, have reinforced his view that the unhinged hate that fuels societal discords, of the kind that lead to acts of terrorism, and also spark wars between nations, as well as incite armed rebellions resulting from civil strive inside countries around the globe, will make him speak out, more often now, against online hate-speech, racism and antisemitism.

Luckily, it is also obvious, dear critical-reader, that unlike most American billionaires, Musk understands that creating prosperity around the world, is the surest way to lessen the societal inequalities that drive millions of Global South migrants, for example, to seek greener pastures overseas. Not many Global North billionaires understand that, unfortunately.

Those greener pasture seeking migrants, are often mostly economic refugees, who are driven into the arms of cruel and callous people smuggling syndicates, operating in nations in Africa, South America and elsewhere, who profit mightily, from the huge sums paid them, to transport such migrants (who invariably sell all they own to make those payments), to within striking distance, of the borders of Global North nations, where they are unceremoniously dumped.

That endless wave upon wave of economic migrants, who mass up at the borders of Global North nations, must be brought to a halt, through close collaboration between Global South and Global North intelligence agencies, and other national specialised law enforcement teams, worldwide.

Above all, one hopes that the sobering news that Musk's XCorp's Starlink's constellation of satellites, the world's biggest thus far, for its global satellite broadband Internet service, could become legitimate targets, for nations at war, to destroy, will reinforce Musk's view that peace is essential for the wealth creation that generates jobs, ditto boosts GDP growth from the commercial activities of disruptive and innovative startups, leveraging the cutting-edge ideas of humanity's brightest and best private sector entrepreneurs, and use his not inconsiderable influence, to promote peace globally, both through behind-the-scenes diplomacy with world leaders, and his regularly widely viewed posts on his X (formerly Twitter) social media platform.

There is no question, dear critical-reader, that peaceful coexistence between nations, and between societal demographics inside all the world's nations, is a sine qua non (and existential-need), for a world without wars and societal civil strive. In light of that, one hopes that Musk himself, personally through his online posts, and his X social media platform itself, can play significant roles in creating a world without wars and societal civil strive.