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NPP parliamentary aspirant Richard Ofori outlines key vision for Guan Constituency

NPP parliamentary aspirant Richard Ofori outlines key vision for Guan Constituency
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An aspiring candidate in the upcoming NPP Parliamentary primaries in the Guan Constituency of the Oti Region, Mr. Richard Ofori has outlined key priority areas he would tackle for accelerated development when elected as the representative of the people.

According to him, his major focus would be to ensure an "innovative transformation for peace, unity and development" in the Constituency.

This he indicated would be translated into "quality education, quality healthcare, economic empowerment and agricultural development.

Mr. Ofori who was speaking to a section of the media in Accra, emphasized that he would leave no stone unturned in meeting the socio-economic and development aspirations of the good people of the Guan Constituency.

The NPP aspirant also promised to promote the welfare of all the delegates and to work hand-in-hand with all the party structures at the Constituency and polling station levels.

Mr Ofori bemoaned the consistent trend of disillusionment, marginalization and neglect among hardworking party foot soldiers and executives at the polling station level.

He therefore assured to carry all the party activists within the constituency along and create the needed opportunities for them, in order to ensure nobody is left out or behind, when voted into power.

The NPP parliamentary aspirant observed that the youth of the party were not lazy, but were only being left behind because they did not have a leader who would be able to identify, share and connect them to the mirage of information and opportunities being created by the ruling government in the various sectors of the economy.

"And this is the kind of leadership I want to offer to my people. A leader that cares about the people, that relays the right information at the right time and creates the right opportunities for the people".

Mr. Richard Ofori who is number 2 on the ballot paper said he is confident of winning the first-ever NPP parliamentary primaries in the Guan Constituency come December 2, 2023.

He therefore appealed to the party delegates to solidly rally behind him for a landslide victory and to also win the seat for the NPP in the 2024 general elections.

Edmond Gyebi
Edmond Gyebi

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