VALCO staff reward 3FMSunrise Morning Show host Johnnie Hughes for causing massive leadership overhaul

Social News Johnnie Hughes receiving the award from VALCO staff
NOV 28, 2023 LISTEN
Johnnie Hughes receiving the award from VALCO staff

The VALCO Local Chapter of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union has recognized the host of the 3FMSunrise Morning Show, Johnnie Hughes, for his relentless campaign that saw an overhaul of leadership at the Company.

The organization’s top echelon had been overtaken by people who had passed the mandatory retirement age of 60 years, and whom the staff said had “hijacked the company” for their personal benefit.


In his “Let the Retirees Go, Let the Young Grow Campaign” on #Johnnies’Bite segment, however, the daring presenter took on the system and successfully advocated a change of the status quo. Eight (8) retirees who were occupying top positions at VALCO were replaced with qualified persons at various levels.

The organiser of the VALCO Local Union, Courage Apetorli Nunekpeku at the presentation said “we want to appreciate you, not for VALCO but for Ghana”. He encouraged Johnnie Hughes to continue to speak for the many Ghanaians whose voices couldn’t be heard on their community concerns.


Head of 3FM, Lois Kissiedu was grateful to the VALCO Local Union. “We are happy to know we impact such change in our society and we are happy to see the changes happening”, she said.