NPP Germany: Which German Chancellor Demolished A Hospital And Told The Germans There Are No Funds Available To Build A New One?

Feature Article NPP Germany: Which German Chancellor Demolished A Hospital And Told The Germans There Are No Funds Available To Build A New One?
NOV 29, 2023 LISTEN

I want to know from the German branch of the NPP party, which German chancellor made the promise to the German people to construct an ultra-modern hospital, only to inform them three years later that there were insufficient finances to construct a replacement. I need an immediate response to this question since it still fascinates me that many of you behave like idiots nearly thirty years after you came to Germany and were unable to write your names, much less submit an application for political asylum.

Nothing is going well under Akufo Addo's administration; they have destroyed Ghana's infrastructure and wrecked the economy. Rather than using your limited knowledge of German politics to improve the situation of the suffering Ghanaians, you would rather turn against John Mahama, a former leader who developed the Ashanti Region, your ancestral home, than any NPP politician. Is that not stupidity? Why do you still focus on your ignorance and tribalism after all these years?

Since the majority of Ashanti people in Germany were illiterate, many of them were unable to write their names during the difficult times when they were trying to become documented. Since they were illiterate, they turned to more educated Ghanaians, such as Fantes and Northerners, for assistance in writing the political asylum petitions they needed to submit to the German government or politicians. Today, they consider themselves to be kings since they eat well and have better lives now.

I must make it clear to Akufo Addo that Ghana belongs to the people of Ghana, not to the Akyem tribe. With his corrupt and incompetent relative Ken Ofori-Atta, they steal the state’s money and have brought the nation to its knees in an appalling way. If he believes he has the authority to appoint dishonest judges to support him and Bossman Asare to rig the elections in favor of his vice president, I remind him that no one can withstand the might of hungry and enraged youth.

Akufo Addo is a man who enjoys violence and is always ready to kill for power, yet; he fears violence. He was going after Mahama, calling for his resignation, claiming that he was corrupt and incompetent, which is why he lost the 2016 elections. Even though his administration has been the most ignominious and disgusting in Ghanaian history, he continues to flout the Constitution and act as he pleases always talking about not handing over power to the NDC, Why is he so scared of Mahama?

It's no longer a secret that Akufo Addo fears Mahama, and his attempts to stop him from becoming president are solely intended to keep the future government from discovering the massive corruption he has left behind. He has declined to prosecute any NPP leader implicated in corruption, even as Ghanaians suffer and more importantly, promised to fight corruption, yet, the moron NPP supporters refused to speak about the corruption of Akufo Addo, including illegal mining and Al Jazeera's investigation.

I wasn't prepared to write this post since I had long put up with the absurdity of the NPP followers in Germany, but after all these years, I realized how illogical they were, so I thought I would write it to enlighten them and serve as a gentle reminder of their ignorance. At this critical juncture in Ghana's history, we need intellectual Africans living in Europe to apply their intellect to help the ruling government, not to undermine an even more brilliant former leader than Akufo Addo.

Finally, I will ask all the NPP supporters in Germany to leave behind their comfortable lives, good salaries, and access to medical care in Germany, to come and live in Ghana for a mere three months under the Akufo Addo regime, only then will they be able to determine that Akufo Addo is not only corrupt but also lazy, and incompetent, while they work as slaves in Germany to keep their jobs.