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The Red Apples (part 1)

The Red Apples (part 1)

"What do you mean by that?"
"It looks strange at hand side."
"Is it not obvious?"
"Obvious for a blind spirit, for sure."
"You mean we all could see the truth and nothing but the truth?"

"For sure, by your own will, your independent mind. Why not?"

"You talk to me in riddles."
"This is far too serious to talk in riddles."

"Okay, okay but I still do not get you."
"This does not come to me as a surprise after all."

"I wish I could see and understand the mystery behind your words."

"Mystery? Oh, far from it my good friend. Mystery only for the one thinking what he sees as the truth is the truth."

"You mean, anyone can understand, know, and use it for a better tomorrow?"

"For sure! When you have the patience to learn and overcome your old traditions...I mean, why not?"

"Just this our small conversation makes me want to know more!"

"Are you truthfully ready to embark on a great journey, my friend?"

"A journey of reflection?"
"A journey of compassion?"
"I love it already now!"
"A time of fighting what makes people blind?"

"I will follow you always!"
"Not get tired like the disciples in the garden of Gezemaneh the day Jesus Christ was handed over to the Romans by his Cousine Judas?"

"I will not put my hands into the fire...but yes, as much as I can be a loyal follower I will do all I can to follow you."

"That by now you have not left me and laid down your head in agony is an encouraging sign to me and a first proof of your words."

"I can see the bright future over time unfolding before my very eyes. Yes, no matter how long it will take and where it might lead me to...I want to know."

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