27.11.2023 Feature Article

Is customer satisfaction a top priority for the ECG's Kasoa Obom Road district office, or not?

Is customer satisfaction a top priority for the ECG's Kasoa Obom Road district office, or not?
27.11.2023 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, one wonders whether or not, customer satisfaction is a top priority for the ECG's Kasoa Obom Road district office, or not. One asks because the arrogant sod who reads our meter, and had been wildly overestimating what he said we owed the ECG, per his readings, is still at it - even though it later turned out that so egregious were his outrageous overestimates that the ECG actually owed us GHc800, being the total of the overestimates that genius had been telling us we owed.

That said, one hopes that this piece will ginger the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), to do what it can, to encourage the hardworking CEO, of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Mr. Samuel Dubik Masubir Mahama, and his mostly world-class C-suit teams, which oversee their regional and district branches, to ensure that all their field staff members, work hard and efficiently - to reflect the new ECG service-ethos of putting customer satisfaction at the top of all their interactions with electricity consumers nationwide.

The question is: If the other publicly-owned utility companies, such as the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), not only read the meters of consumers by capturing the relevant statistical data numbers using cameras on their smartphones, but also deliver bills monthly, on top too, why is the ECG not also providing bills for consumers to enable them verify that bills reflect all payments made within meter reading cycles? Haaba.

As it happens, once upon time, in September, this year (2023), dear critical-reader, one had cause to complain in person, to the ECG's staff, at their District offices at Obom Road, off the Kasoa New Market Road, and wrote a letter to the management, outlining one's issues. The frontline staff members simply refused to let one have access to the district manager, once one's letter of complaint was read by them. Incredible.

Amazingly, dear critical-reader, for some extraordinary reason (which one still cannot fathom, for the life of one), somehow, all the staff members who dealt with me, read, but never accepted, the aforementioned letter of complaint. Disgraceful. Outrageous. Abominable. Unpardonable. Unspeakable. Full stop.

What was done, by all who listened to my verbal complaint, along the entire chain of seniority, was that they asked me to go back home and video the meter reading - never mind the fact that one looks every bit the frail 70-year old retiree, that one is. So much for customer care being a top Kasoa Obom Road ECG branch priority. Hmmm, Oman Ghana - 3yensem piiiii, oooo. Asem k3siyi3, bi, 3b3ba debi aaankasa, oooo. Yooooooo...