26.11.2023 Feature Article

Should wars not be permanently banned - in a binding international treaty for that noble end?

Should wars not be permanently banned - in a binding international treaty for that noble end?
26.11.2023 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, should wars not be permanently banned, in a binding international treaty, negotiated and ratified, by all nations worldwide with sovereign territories across the landmass and surrounding oceans of the seven continents of our biosphere, for that noble end?

War is a nasty business that over the decades has killed and maimed uncountable numbers of innocent civilians, devastated scores of cities, towns and villages worldwide, ditto caused untold misery for those who survive them.

Yet, it is also an incredibly profitable business for some. A brilliant former five star American military general, who rose to fame for his leadership qualities as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, in Europe, during the Second World War, and retired to become the 34th President of the United States of America, General Dwight David Eisenhower, was the first to use the appropriate phraseology, "the military industrial complex".

President Eisenhower, like all the best military leaders throughout history, who fought and led troops in battle, knew the terrible human cost, and horrors of wars, firsthand, and warned Americans against the baleful influence and power, of the super-wealthy business elites that own and run arms manufacturing companies, in the military industrial complex.

For arms manufacturers the world over, wars guarantee huge profits - as does the perpetual stoking up of fear and societal divisions that make the purchase of guns by civilians to protect themselves, a very profitable business too.

In light of that, dear critical-reader, the question to ponder over is: Why do those idealistic young people participating in street demonstrations in cities across the world, against the war in Gaza, who are clearly horrified by the brutalities, abominations and monstrosities of the Gaza war (sparked it needs to be pointed out, by the callous wounding by gunshots, the brutal murders and unjustifiable abductions of innocent civilians including children and elderly retirees, by Hamas terrorists in Israeli communities near the border with Gaza), not rather focus their energies and passion, on demanding an outlawing of, and end to all wars, and call for wars (and the manufacture of the lethal weapons used in wars), to be permanently banned, in a binding international treaty, for that noble end?