Is Ghana's proposed anti-LGBTQI+ legislation an unjustifiable snooping-busybodies-charter?

Feature Article Is Ghana's proposed anti-LGBTQI+ legislation an unjustifiable snooping-busybodies-charter?
NOV 23, 2023 LISTEN

What an interesting country Ghana is, dear critical-reader: A Parliament full of misogynistic serial-philanderers, with a penchant for pursuing youngish Slay Queens with expensive tastes, is proposing to pass into law, a bill to promote proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values. Amazing.

I am left-handed, so I am acutely aware of the nonsensical notion across Ghana, that associates disrespect for others, in the usage of the left hand in certain social settings, and in one's daily interactions with others.

Naturally, it is therefore not strange that one constantly worries that it is not beyond the realms of possibility, that, at some point in time, going forward into the future, ambitious busybodies in the world of Ghanaian politics, a significant number of whom could also be sponsored and funded generously, by overseas extremists in wealthy nations in the Global North, which, for argument's sake, are, for example, suddenly infected by a metaphorical anti-lefthandedness cognitive-virus, and consequently rush to pass laws banning left-hand usage, because they are convinced that it is devilish, and decide to work hard to ban it globally, too, by generously funding the passage of anti-lefthandedness legislation, worldwide, as is the case with anti-LGBTQI+ legislation now being passed by national assemblies across Africa, which are funded behind the scenes by lobbyists working on behalf of wealthy Christian conservative anti-diversity-demographic Westerners.

As compassionate beings, who aren't perfect, and are not without sin ourselves either, perhaps the question to ponder over is: What right do imperfect beings, who happen to be powerful and influential individuals, have, in an African democracy that frowns on discrimination of all kinds, in all societal interactions, to impose their personal views, on others, about how intimacy between their fellow humans, who happen to be consenting adults, should or shouldn't take place, in the privacy of wherever it occurs?

Ditto who decides what proper family values are, in a corruption riddled society, like Ghana, which is dominated by corrupt, misogynistic, and philandering power-hungry and power-mad hypocritical types, I ask?

Seen in that light, do we also not have every right to question whether or not, the proper human sexual rights and proper Ghanaian family values bill, is, or isn't, an unjust and callous attempt, by power-hungry and power-mad hypocrites in Ghana, to pass legislation enabling them to control others, using what is in effect, an unjustifiable monstrous snooping-busybodies-charter, in all but name, and cloaking it with references to religious faith and Ghanaian cultural values, to drum up support, for that inequity? With the greatest respect, dear critcal-reader, the proper human sexual rights and proper Ghanaian family values bill is arrant nonsense, pure and simple. Full stop. Case closed