Mahama’s 24-hour economy not a bright idea; no government can legislate that — Bawumia

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2024 NPP flagbearer John Dramani Mahama

Vice President and NPP 2024 presidential candidate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has critiqued former president John Mahama's campaign pledge to implement a 24-hour economy in Ghana.

While addressing supporters in Tamale on Monday, November 20, Bawumia argued that the proposal is not well-thought-out.

He noted that many sectors already operate 24-hours by necessity or market demand.

"Hospitals, utilities, security services and some businesses operate 24 hours a day to serve citizens," he stated.

Bawumia dismissed the idea that simply passing a law could transform the entire economy.

"I hear John Mahama has a new idea and he wants to run a 24 hour economy. I say where did he get this idea from? It is not a bright idea! A 24 hour economy cannot be legislated by government.

"Today, there are many businesses that are already working for 24 hours. Hospitals are opened for 24 hours. You can buy electricity for 24 hours. Because of digitalisation, you can transfer money for 24 hours. There are many chop bars and restaurants that are opened for 24 hours," Dr. Bawumia said.

He continued, "the police is working for 24 hours. The security services are working for 24 hours. So what is this 24 hour economy that you want to bring? Operating 24 hours is an issue for businesses. If you'll make more money opening 24 hours, there is no law preventing you."

According to Bawumia, enterprises should have flexibility to determine their own hours based on feasibility and profitability.

If a company finds sufficient demand to justify staying open overnight, nothing prevents it currently, noted the Veep. "But mandating a blanket 24/7 schedule would not align with economic realities on the ground."

The vice president further stressed that meaningful policy depends on pragmatic solutions, not superficial slogans.

In his view, Mahama's record lacks transformative initiatives comparable to programs championed by himself and the current NPP government.

Bawumia has touted innovative policies that have addressed issues like digital identity, financial inclusion, access to services and healthcare infrastructure expansion.

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