Sam Ankrah is not #TheNewForce on our billboards; ban him for violating political parties act — ‘Real’ creators petition EC

Politics Sam Ankrah is not TheNewForce on our billboards; ban him for violating political parties act — Real creators petition EC
NOV 20, 2023 LISTEN

The individuals championing the viral #TheNewForce campaign with billboards erected in parts of the country have petitioned the Electoral Commission (EC) to ban one Sam Ankrah for allegedly fraudulently projecting himself as the originator.

In a statement issued on November 20, the group said Mr Ankrah has no connection to the conceptualisation, design or development of their "The Man in the Mask" campaign featuring billboards of a masked figure across the country.

The statement, signed by #TheNewForce, read: "We wish to state categorically that the said Sam Ankrah has no connection to the creative concept, design, and inventive process that developed the "The Man in the Mask" campaign."

They described his actions as "reprehensible" and evidence of a lack of credibility, saying he is undermining the vision of young Ghanaians through exploiting their ingenuity.

On the advice of their lawyers, #TheNewForce will file a complaint with the EC against Mr Ankrah for violating Section 6 of the Political Parties Act 2000, which constitutes an offence punishable by up to two years in prison.

The group also "reserve our right to consider civil action against him for infringement of our intellectual property rights."

They have demanded he cease using their intellectual property and issue an apology.

If the claim is true, it will be another twist in the mystery surrounding the true forces behind the billboard campaign that has gained significant attention online.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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