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North East: Three dead, others injured over chieftaincy dispute in Wanchiki

  Mon, 20 Nov 2023
North East: Three dead, others injured over chieftaincy dispute in Wanchiki

Three persons have been reported dead following a renewed chieftaincy dispute in the Wanchiki community in the Chereponi district in the North East Region.

This occurred when gunshots erupted in the community on Monday morning after tensions flared between the Jaabu and Forboru clans.

Citi News sources say an elderly woman, among the deceased, was shot when she refused to leave her house as the attackers came to burn it.

It was also reported that several others who sustained gunshot injuries were in critical condition and had been referred to neighbouring Togo.

The chief of Wanchiki was allegedly assaulted while en route to Nalerigu, resulting in the vandalism of his vehicle.

In response, Wanchiki’s youth mobilized and retaliated against the community involved. The chief’s damaged car is currently being held at the Chereponi Police Station.

A source told Citi News, “This morning the chief of Wanchiki was on his way to Nalerigu for a meeting with the Vice President. Upon reaching the community called Danbu, the road was allegedly blocked with car tires, and the community members allegedly attacked, shot, and vandalized the windscreen of the car. The information got to Wanchiki, and residents took arms to retaliate, leading to the shooting incident.”

It could be recalled that earlier this year, there was a chieftaincy dispute between the Jaabu clan and the Wanchiki community.

The chief of Wanchiki enstooled one chief for the Jaabu community, but others refused to accept him. That dispute still exists and could be linked to today’s gunshots.


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