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Should we not treat Ghana's LGBTQI+ demographics and other much-despised minorities with compassion?

Should we not treat Ghana's LGBTQI+ demographics and other much-despised minorities with compassion?

Dear critical-reader, as humane and compassionate beings, should we not treat Ghana's LGBTQI+ demographics, and other much-despised minority demographics with compassion, anaaaa, Ghanafuor?

I was horrified, by what a bush-telegraph source recounted to me a few days ago - a dreadful and shocking story about an incident in which a young gay man, had allegedly been beaten senseless, by thugs, to teach him a lesson for being gay. Nothing can justify such barbarism. Totally unacceptable. Full stop.

No human being who is compassionate, should back the denial of the basic human rights guaranteed by our constitution, to all Ghanaians regardless of their ethnicity, gender and religious faith (or lack thereof), which are meant to protect the liberties of all our societal demographics without exception.

On that basis, why don't those in Ghana who condemn and target LGBTQI+ individuals, for religious reasons, for example, rather not take the view that it is a matter between LGBTQI+ individuals, and their Maker, and treat them compassionately, whenever they have to interact with them, on a purely human level, socially, just as they themselves would like to be treated if they were part of a much-despised minority-demographic?

Speaking personally, one prefers to be married to a woman, rather than a fellow male. Intimacy with a man would thus be inconceivable for one. Furthermore, one is also aware that procreation is vital if the preservation of the human race is to be assured till the very end of time.

Yet, still, in one's humble view, there is something not quite right with being holier-than-thou, and targeting LGBTQI+ demographics, and harming them physically, for example, if one is a mere mortal, whom by definition, is not without blemish and without sin, either, and must thus first remove the spec in his or her eye, before venturing to remove the mote in the eyes of others.

It is on that basis that one joins those who advocate for ending discrimination against LGBTQI+ demographics in Ghana. After all, are we not all aware that the bald truth is that our boarding schools are the breeding grounds for same sex relationships? So let us focus on ending Ghana's expensive-to-maintain free second-cycle boarding school system. Case closed. Yoooooooo...

In light of that perhaps the question to ponder over as wise and aspirational Africans is: Could we not stop young people from developing an interest in same sex relationships, if we transformed all our free state boarding junior and senior high schools into world-class day second-cycle educational institutions, and ensured that they are spread evenly nationwide, so that our younger generations can stay at home, wherever they live in our country, and still be educated in world-class day second-cycle educational institutions?

In the meantime, while we work towards that goal, even though we may not personally approve of what is their own personal lifestyle choice, if they are not coercing others to join them, rather than hounding them, let us treat Ghana's LGBTQI+ demographics (and other similarly-despised minorities groups) with compassion as a humane and welcoming people.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024