Chereponi residents protest bad roads

  Sat, 18 Nov 2023
Social News Chereponi residents protest bad roads

Residents of Chereponi in the North East Region hit the streets on Saturday morning to protest against the poor road conditions in the district.

The residents claim that the deteriorating roads are negatively impacting both lives and businesses in the area.

A petition was submitted to the District Chief Executive (DCE), urging the government to address the issues with urgency.

Chereponi is plagued with bad roads, creating significant challenges for residents and hindering local businesses.

The district’s thoroughfares to its capital are marred by rocky terrain, excessive dust, and perilous potholes. During the rainy season, vehicular movement becomes difficult.

In a resounding call for change, the town, led by its impassioned youth, took to the streets on Saturday to protest the deplorable state of the district’s roads—a pervasive issue echoing nationwide.

They said pregnant women face heightened risks, with instances of perilous labour journeys, while armed robberies further compound the dangers, threatening lives and property.

The protest ended at the district assembly, where the convenor, Sananu Zakaria, highlighted the dangers residents go through while plying the district’s bad roads.

He earnestly implored the president to heed the cries of the people and address the dire state of the roads.

Zakaria emphasized that failure to rectify the situation by the 2024 elections would impact voting decisions.

The District Chief Executive, Hajia Nashiru Zuwera, assured the residents that she would do due follow-ups to ensure that their concerns are addressed.

She expressed optimism, assuring the community that contractors would soon return to the site to initiate crucial road repairs.


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