Musk has paid enough for his real-truth moment-of-madness debacle - let's forgive him

Feature Article Musk has paid enough for his real-truth moment-of-madness debacle - let's forgive him
NOV 18, 2023 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, there is no question that Elon Musk has paid a great deal for his 'real truth' comment, penned perhaps while exhausted: leading to a hasty moment-of-madness decision he clearly now regrets.

No one is perfect - and Angels, even little schoolkids worlwide, know, live only in heaven: not on the planet Earth. Fair comment, anaaaa. No? Hmmm, 3y3nsem piiii, ooooo...

Yes, dear critical-reader, Elon Musk made a dreadful error of judgment in his 'real truth' comment - however, he deleted it, and subsequently tried to make amends, and mitigate his mistake, by sincerely asking for all hate to cease. Manly. Marvellous. Brilliant.

In a globalised world in which no one is perfect, let us forgive Musk and rather focus on ways to bring enlightenment across the world that will permanently lessen hatred and make it an unattractive, vile and much-despised uncouth-pariah-minority viewpoint globally.

Musk's free speech absolutism matters in that sense. Above all, let us always remember, in our daily interactions with others, that all members of the human race matter, and deserve their dignity - whatever their nationality, religious faith (or lack thereof), ethnicity, skin-hue or social class. Let that ring out clearly worldwide. Full stop. Case closed. Yooooooo...

Finally, dear critical-reader, hatred sucks, to use a hackneyed phrase, lol. However, the bald truth, is that X is truly a great platform for plain-speaking to powerful elites worldwide, and Musk's free speech absolutism makes it available to all shades of opinion on earth. So, let us forgive Musk, a truly unique and very, very successful innovative-minded serial-entrepreneur, who has clearly paid a great deal for his real-truth moment-of-madness debacle, and will doubtless learn from it, being such a clever-clogs-type.