18.11.2023 Feature Article

Why are journalists and radio programme presenters dictating the shape, pace, and direction of Ghana politics?

Why are journalists and radio programme presenters dictating the shape, pace, and direction of Ghana politics?
18.11.2023 LISTEN

I don’t get it; the way Ghana politics is hooked by journalists and FM radio programme presenters. I see them clearly as dictating the shape, pace, and direction of Ghana politics, however, to suit their selfish and parochial interests.

Do we blame them? Not much, because the current crop of politicians has by their infatuation with malfeasances and corruption, so cheapened themselves to let Ghana politics become a mockery.

In the days of Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia, politicians were not frequenting the radio stations to be interviewed and drilled by radio programme hosts and be treated with disdain as it suits the presenter as is currently witnessed in Ghana or become the order of the day.

No wonder that most of these greenhorn journalists are having a penchant for insulting or treating these politicians anyhow. They have no respect for government ministers or parliamentarians.

Modern day Ghanaian politicians for all absurd reasons see themselves as nobodies if without the journalists or the radio stations helping to get their views and policies across to the public. They do their politics on radio, get the nation geographically and tribally divided with Ghanaians become rigidly partisan and polarised.

The mushroomed FM Stations and their programmes hosts directly by their posture and questions asked, depending on which way their political affiliation lies, are causing an awful lot of hell and disaffection for the political party or government they don’t support.

This cannot continue forever to sink Ghana down the drain.

There is too much indiscipline, lawlessness, and crimes ongoing in Ghana that there must be an effective way to address the problems. However, with the radio stations become so diabolically powerful as is evident in Ghana, going the lengths to tarnish the reputation of the few honest and serious politicians among the lot, how can the problems confronting the nation be solved to open the gates of prosperity to Ghanaians?

We cannot continue in that deplorable direction where the news media with their rogue programme hosts are holding the nation to ransom because of the inferior calibre of our polarised politicians who are not ready to serve the nation but are rather compelling the citizens to serve them.

In the days of old in Ghana’s politics, one could hear of the announcement of a government’s white paper when the government was about to implement some approved policies. However, in today’s Ghana politics, the radio FM stations hosts have replaced the White paper. What they say, goes.

It is time to say stop to the way Ghana politics is done on radio with almost all members of parliament, government ministers, parties executives and their loquacious but lying communication officers trooping to radio stations for interview every day.

What is a Government White Paper, one may ask? “The term 'white paper' refers to a published statement of government policy or strategy. They often include the reasons for, and some details of, planned legislative change”.

Ghana politics sucks! We need a saviour to come and redeem the nation from the hands of the radio stations hosts and the troop of corrupt politicians nonchalantly presiding over the ongoing rot in the nation.