Focus on winning more seats for NPP – 3rd Vice Chairman to 29 aspirants cleared for V/R primaries

  Fri, 17 Nov 2023
NPP Focus on winning more seats for NPP – 3rd Vice Chairman to 29 aspirants cleared for V/R primaries

In a bid to strengthen the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) position in the Volta Region, the 3rd Vice Chairman, Alhaji Masawudu Osman, has called for unity among the 29 aspirants who have successfully cleared the party's parliamentary primaries in the orphan constituencies.

Alhaji Osman, who led the NPP National Parliamentary Vetting Committee in the Volta Region, emphasised that peace and unity are pivotal elements for the party in breaking the eight-year cycle.

He urged the aspirants to conduct a clean campaign, stressing the significance of party unity as they prepare for the parliamentary primaries scheduled for December 2, 2023.

The 3rd Vice Chairman urged the contenders to focus on winning more seats for the NPP in the Volta Region, emphasising the party's need for increased representation in the area.

Highlighting the commitment to a fair process, Alhaji Osman disclosed that further consultations would be conducted to address issues concerning the vetting of aspirants in the Ketu North and Akatsi North constituencies.

These areas have witnessed delays in the vetting process, and efforts are underway to ensure a resolution before the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

A total of 29 aspirants, comprising six females and 23 males, have successfully undergone vetting for the parliamentary primaries.

The vetting process, which took place from Tuesday, 14 November to Thursday, 16 November 2023, covered 13 constituencies out of the 17 orphan constituencies in the Volta Region.

The exercise was conducted at the NPP Volta Regional Office in Ho.

The Anlo and North Dayi constituencies experienced unopposed declarations, with aspirants there standing unopposed and subsequently declared candidates through popular acclamation.

However, the vetting process for aspirants in Ketu North and Akatsi North has been temporarily put on hold, pending further consultations and resolution of outstanding issues.

The parliamentary primaries in December are anticipated to shape the NPP's prospects in the region in the upcoming general elections.


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