Fuel Prices Today - Petrol hits ¢11.66 on November 14th

CediRates Spotlight Fuel Prices on 14 Nov 2023
NOV 14, 2023 LISTEN
Fuel Prices on 14 Nov 2023

On Tuesday, oil prices saw a slight increase amid optimistic expectations for robust market fundamentals. This follows an OPEC report affirming strong demand and concerns of potential disruptions in supplies due to the U.S. tightening restrictions on Russian oil exports. Additionally, Brent oil rose above $82 per barrel, reflecting the positive sentiment in the market.

Currently, petrol is sold in Ghana at an average price of GH¢12.29 per litre.

Fuel prices today range between ¢11.66 to 14.29 for Petrol and ¢12.69 to 13.70 for Diesel according to data sourced by CediRates .

The next pricing window for November under the National Petroleum Authority’s regulation on petroleum pricing is set to commence from Thursday the 16th of November and fuel prices are expected to decrease.


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