Embrace JCLSoft with RFID technology to enhance competitive edge in the marketplace — Jogobu CEO

Technology A group photograph of the team of Jogobu Limited
NOV 13, 2023 LISTEN
A group photograph of the team of Jogobu Limited

The Chief Executive Officer of Jogobu Limited Mr Blaise Kudatugu has urged businesses to embrace JCLSoft with RFID technology to enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace and to enhance their competitive edge in the marketplace.

He said there were more benefits to the use of technology as it offered the ease of doing business in a rapidly connected and vast business landscape.

Besides, while RFID technology may initially be expensive to implement, it helps to reduce costs in the long run as an updated system would eventually pay off as it leads to more productivity and increased earnings.

The IT solutions offered consist of assets management, document management, inventory management, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution, and GoTime Cloud, among others.

Mr Blaise Kudatugu was speaking at the company’s annual conference in Accra for stakeholders to demonstrate its hardware and software capabilities in the daily management of businesses for growth.

On inventory management, he said the software allowed for easy reconciliation of what had been brought in and taken out (inbound & outbound, stock movements, replenishments, etc.)

“It is easy to tell who is doing what and at what time,” he said, adding that document management, traceability and retrieval is made easy.

He said the company was ready to provide professional after-sales advice for customers to realize the full benefit of the technology.

Touching on the RFID, Jogobu executive team demonstrated and explained the adoption of the system enabled companies to control, monitor, trace and have full visibility of assets & inventory and helped to minimize theft in various offices and warehouses.

It also gives real-time, accurate data to optimize the supply chains, streamline operations, and enhance customer experience.