13.11.2023 Feature Article

Are preparations being made for the fire-sale of Ghana after January 2025?

Are preparations being made for the fire-sale of Ghana after January 2025?
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Dear critical-reader, has the fire-sale of our benighted and bankrupted homeland Ghana after January, 2025, already started? That said, is it also true that Hon. Kennedy Adjapong was allegedly offered US$800 million as a President Bawumia era public procurement contracts inducement, to stop him from rocking the boat (to ensure that Vice President Bawumia would eventually emerge victorious, in the race to become the ruling party's 2024 presidential election candidate, as has actually happened)?

If that allegation is true, dear critical-reader, then

what crime, if any, was committed, and by whom exactly, one wonders, Ghana lawyerfuo, lol? Yooooooo...

If that astonishing allegation is true, dear critical-reader, then does it, perchance, portent U.S.$800 million post January 2025 state-capture rent-seeking public procurement contracts galore, for Hon. Kennedy Adjapong, anaaa? Eiiiii, Oman Ghana...

Furthermore, has Hon. Kennedy Adjapong, not already been accused, according to bush telegraph sources, of allegedly having bagged one of the most profitable Akufo-Addo era friends-and-family state-capture public procurement contracts (a US$72 million deal, measured by value-metrics), in a public procurement electricity meters supply contract, for a wife of his, lol? Hmmm, 3y3nsem piiii, oooo, Ghanafuor...

In light of all the above, perhaps the question to ponder over is: Have the most powerful Akufo-Addo era big-thieves-in-high-places, who have dominated our system and profited personally from it, the most, by ruthlessly exploiting it to send their personal net worth to stratospheric heights, since January, 2015, till date, began preparing for the fire-sale of Mother Ghana, if Bawumia succeeds President Akufo-Addo, as Ghana's next elected President in January 2025, anaaa, Ghanafuor? Watch this space!