12.11.2023 Feature Article

Let's rid Africa of its greed-filled fuzzy-wuzzy-thinking elites

Let's rid Africa of its greed-filled fuzzy-wuzzy-thinking elites
12.11.2023 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, Niger has shown, by booting France out of her national life, why all the greed-filled fuzzy-wuzzy thinkers, who dominate the continent, must go, if Africa is to ever prosper. Clearly, the time has now come to rid Africa of their baleful influence and end their hold on power.

It's so refreshing to learn that finally freed from baleful French influence, Niger's economy is apparently now growing faster than any other national-economy in the world, without exception, as we speak. Excellent.

Having shorn their nation of the pro-French elites and their fuzzy-wuzzy though-processes, which allowed France to rip their nation off, so egregiously, the radicals now in charge of Niger, must make lifting all their citizens out of poverty their priority-goal, by using the windfall profits from the sale of uranium, to provide 100-year generational levelling-up interest free loans (with 5-10 year grace periods before miniscule repayments begin), to every family that requests it, to build their own family homes, and start new green economy businesses.

The next providential-step for Niger, and the rest of Africa, to take, should be to ban all investors using offshore entities registered in tax havens (such as Mauritius and Luxembourg), from investing in Africa. Full stop. Case closed.

Offshore tax havens exist for one purpose only: They enable crooked investors engaging in illicit financial flows to cloak complex money-laundering schemes, to successfully pillage the African continent, and legitimise those nation-wrecking-illegalities, with blank-cheque victim-consent. Monstrous.

Africa cannot grow and prosper, if it doesn't foreceably end the elite grand larceny, being engaged in by the state-capture rent-seeking big-thieves-in-high-places that dominate national systems across the continent. Those big-thieves-in-high-places, are today's fuzzy-wuzzy thinkers.

Radical action needs to be taken by Africa's younger generations, to rid the entire continent of the greed-filled fuzzy-wuzzy-thinkers who dominate their societies, and have forgotten that an impoverished populace, is a curse, and source of future devastating-instability that will end up in violence and chaos, which will lead to a metaphorical-conflagration that will consume them and deprive all of them of their ill-gotten riches.

The greed-filled fuzzy-wuzzy thinkers who dominate the continent must go if Africa is to ever prosper. Full stop. The time has now come to rid Africa of their baleful influence and end their hold on power. Now. Not tomorrow. Yooooooo...