John Mahama's proposed 24hour economy: A game changer and hope for Ghanaian Youth

By Atsu Amegavi
Opinion John Dramani Mahama
NOV 11, 2023 LISTEN
John Dramani Mahama

When we first heard about President John Dramani Mahama's visionary plan for a 24-hour economy, it immediately sparked our curiosity. But what exactly is a 24-hour economy?

The concept of a 24-hour economy represents the growing trend of businesses and services operating around the clock. This phenomenon is driven by technological advancements, evolving consumer lifestyles, and the globalization of markets. As a result, cities and regions worldwide are embracing and promoting the 24-hour economy as a crucial element of urban life and economic growth. John Mahama aims to implement this concept in his upcoming government, drawing on its proven ability to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and foster development.

Presently, in Ghana, most businesses and services adhere to traditional working hours, typically from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. However, evolving consumer demands have compelled many industries to adapt and provide round-the-clock services. This adaptation encompasses sectors such as retail, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, and more. For instance, the surge in e-commerce enables consumers to shop online at any time, and the availability of 24-hour transportation options, like ride-hailing services, facilitates mobility beyond standard working hours.

The 24-hour economy will have a significant impact on employment. It will generate new job opportunities in various sectors, including nightlife, security, healthcare, and transportation, providing the youth of Ghana with flexible working hours and higher earning potential. Moreover, the increased availability of services outside traditional hours will enhance work-life balance for individuals with non-traditional schedules.

From an economic standpoint, the 24-hour economy has the potential to enhance productivity and generate additional revenue for businesses. It also has the capacity to attract tourists and business travelers by offering a vibrant and active city experience at all times of the day. This can lead to increased spending in local restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, thus benefiting the local economy and creating more opportunities for business growth. It can also help rebuild investor confidence, which has declined significantly since this clueless and inept government took over the reigns of government.

Imagine organizations like DVLA, ECG, GHANA PORTS AND HARBORS AUTHORITY, GHANA WATER COMPANY LIMITED, GHANA GAS, and most importantly companies in the private sector among others operating three shifts 24/7. This means that more permanent jobs, both direct and indirect, will be created for the youth of the country. This concept is exciting and holds great promise, making it a vital element in shaping and stabilizing the struggling Ghanaian economy.

In summary, the 24-hour economy will become an increasingly important aspect of the Ghanaian economy, offering convenience, flexibility, and economic benefits for businesses, workers, and consumers alike.

Not long ago, Vice President Bawumia advised unemployed graduates in the country to start their own businesses without creating the enabling environment for their success. This not only reflects a lack of vision and solutions to the unemployment problem but also appears as an insult to the unemployed graduates. Mahama, on the other hand, not only intends to create jobs through the introduction of a 24-hour economy but also aims to create an environment conducive to business success. This is the kind of leadership that the Ghanaian youth are eagerly seeking.

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ATSU AMEGAVI - (SugarFree)
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Anyaa Sowutoum Constituency