He’s 30 years older than me — 22-year-old lady rejects sugar daddy’s marriage proposal

Nigeria Hes 30 years older than me — 22-year-old lady rejects sugar daddys marriage proposal
NOV 10, 2023 LISTEN

Zainab Abidoye, a 22-year-old Nigerian lady, recently went viral after sharing that she rejected a marriage proposal from a wealthy older man.

In a post on Twitter, Zainab revealed that the man she refused to marry sent her a video of his wedding to another woman shortly after being rejected.

"This man that I refused to marry decided to send me a wedding video of him and his small wife today at 6 am. Was I pained? Yes, a little bit can't lie. But did I regret my decision? No!!!!" Abidoye tweeted on Wednesday.

In a follow-up post on Thursday, November 9, after gaining traction online, the lady outlined her reasons for turning down the proposal - namely the 30-year age gap between them.

"He was 30 years older than me," she wrote, adding that he had also wanted her to be his second wife, which she refused.

Zainab admitted the man was generous with money and could provide for her, but said "that's not enough reason for me to marry him."

She felt it would be wrong to marry solely for money in case it fades away in the future.

The lady revealed she was not ready for marriage and did not have feelings for the man despite his persistence.

"The love wasn't there no matter how hard he tried," she posited.

Zainab also cited her self-belief and desire to become a millionaire herself one day as reasons not to depend on the man.

"I believe in my abilities a lot and I believe I can be a millionaire too in the future so why marry someone I don't like," she affirmed.

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