If I were Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.)……

Feature Article If I were Kennedy Agyapong Hon.
NOV 9, 2023 LISTEN

If I were Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.), I would be mindful of human beings, treading cautiously where both my obvious friends and enemies are, but I am not.

Were the known friends of his not turned into his enemies overnight? Were those that he had once helped in their moments of great need not turned against him when he needed their help?

What then is the relevance of “one good turn deserves another” when the very people you help turn to cause your downfall?

Was King Duncan in Macbeth not right when he said, "There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face”? As the Thane of Cawdor betrayed the trust King Duncan had for him, so had the likes of Messrs Kyei Mensah-Bonsu, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, Adomako Baafi and some of the NPP members of parliament who had once benefitted from the largess of Kennedy betrayed him when he happened to need their help.

They did not only refuse him a shoulder to cry on but went about trumpeting over the mountains and in the valleys that Kennedy is not a presidential material. How wicked could they be!

Why could they not tell the nation what the person they supported, thus, Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, will do when elected the flag bearer and finally the president of Ghana as Kennedy was doing but rather decided to painfully stab Kennedy in the back? They went on that shameful tangent of tarnishing his image.

They were gleefully biting the hand that had once fed them, although it is said, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, thus, “you act badly toward the person who is helping or has helped you”. Why do you turn against, attack, and harm someone who is helping or has helped you?

If it were not Kennedy, NPP could not have become the majority in parliament by a whisker, (winning the independent Asiamah into their fold), to have had Kyei Mensah Bonsu elected the majority leader yet, look how wickedly nonsensically Kyei Mensah Bonsu treated him during the just ended NPP flag bearer election.

If I were Kennedy, I would never again help such scumbags but to leave them to wobble, stagnate and rot in their difficulties.

Yes, they had made their choice to support whomever they wanted but why tarnish Kennedy’s image to achieve their objective?

These shameless individuals are now praising Kennedy, pandering to him as though he is a fool and will easily buy into their superficial show of love.

If I were Kennedy, although I am not, I would retreat into my lair to hibernate, then come out stronger to take a firmer decision.

Kennedy has a brighter future and if death does not carry him away any sooner, he will surely become the president of Ghana one day to liberate the nation from the paws of lawless people and criminals.

He could be robbed of election but his sterling qualities of honesty, fairness, firmness, dedication to serving his people and nation, his industriousness, and acts of philanthropy, can never be taken away from him.

If I were Kennedy but which unfortunately or fortunately, I am not, I will not sooner throw my weight behind the rogues but sit on the fence while they impale themselves on their porous campaign messages, if they have any that is credible at all.

For the sake of Ghana, Kennedy must help but not until the rogues in NPP have honestly realised their mistakes committed and insincerity towards him.

Let them pay through their teeth, O Kennedy, the chosen one by God but rejected by man.

As it was in the days of 2008, so shall it be now.

Kennedy will soon become relevant to NPP. He will be the stone the builders rejected but ended up becoming the cornerstone.