06.11.2023 Feature Article

How can Ghana creatively lift tens of millions out of poverty successfully?

How can Ghana creatively lift tens of millions out of poverty successfully?
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There are many paths to transforming emerging nations into prosperous and equitable societies. The question to ponder over in our specific case is: How can Ghana creatively lift tens of millions out of poverty successfully - and ensure its longterm stability as a peaceful liberal democracy, and equitable African society that way, dear critical-reader?

Clearly, it is vital, if our homeland Ghana is to remain stable and peaceful, that governments-of-the-day, focus on policies that will engender societal-levelling-up, which will help transform our nation into a prosperous African country, in which there is social mobility, and in which tens of millions have been successfully lifted out of poverty.

After all, dear critical-reader, ordinary people don't want much, do they? Most Ghanaians would be content with and happy to: own a house in urban Ghana; have another one in their hometown if possible; be able able to educate their offspring to tertiary level (if they have aptitude for that); be in a position to help those less fortunate themselves whenever the need arises; attend funerals and make appreciable cash donations to bereaved families mourning their loved one's passage; chill whenever they feel the need to do so, by partying; going to beaches; visit tourist attractions; attend weddings; etc., etc.

In light of that observation, surely, a wise and aspirational African people like Ghanaians, ought to come to a national consensus that rather than allowing a powerful and greedy few to hijack their entire system, and enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of society, to the extent of even bankrupting their nation in the process, in so doing, the resources of their country, should rather be utilised to provide individuals and families that need it, 100-year generational-levelling-up loans, with 5-year moratorium grace periods, before they begin installment payments to pay off those longterm interest-free loans meant to enable needy families and individuals across the entire nation, to bootstrap their own way out of poverty, into the middle classes?

The question to ponder over is: What disaster, if any, would befall Ghana, were digital bank accounts to be opened by the Bank of Ghana (BoG), for families and individuals that opt to participate in such a generational levelling-up initiative, into which the BoG's Central Bank Digital Cedi (CBDC), would be deposited, to finance the building of family homes in planned new green communities across Ghana, which are climate resilient and sited around core parks with adventure park facilities, in concentric circles, with each family home sited in the midst of walled-compounds of fruit forest gardens, ditto served by road networks lined on both sides with fruit trees? Would that not lift tens of millions out of poverty across Ghana, one humbly asks, Ghanafuor?