Wed, 01 Nov 2023 Feature Article

Why Less Men Are Asking Women Out -Feminism

Why Less Men Are Asking Women Out -Feminism

Hon.Nambooze Beti seems to be against feminism - she encourages women to obey their husbands as it was set by our traditions.In fact most women in Africa and Asia appreciate and love men, and accept them taking the leading role.

The extremist feminists who have used feminism and twisted it into a men's bashing group seemingly ruined it for everyone.

As a result, very few men are willing to ask women out for a date or marriage. Sadly,the risk of being publicly shamed and humiliated on social media for even glancing at a woman has made it too much of a risk now. There's also a risk to your job(if she accuses you of sexual harassment), your friendships, and your mental well-being. For instance, if a man asks out a lady he works with, most times, it's something that's she's going to share with almost everyone before making up her mind, and I find this disgusting.

Basically, if it keeps going this way, men will be very hard to find for women, at least men worth keeping. Women will eventually have to step into the dating role of pursuer because men have already stepped into a passive role. The roles are/ have shifted in dating. Women are having to ask men out and pay for the date. Women are having to pursue relationships and make all the plans.

" Twewala okubakwana oba obawasa"
Unfortunately, society will never ever go back to what it once was. The great thinkers of the past were not trying to oppress women as feminists sometimes make it out to be, but they had access to ancient knowledge that they knew would’ve destroyed us if we didn’t put certain conditions into place. Female hypergamy had to be kept in check, or it would’ve eventually destroyed us thousands of years ago. But now, look, society is headed for a collapse. Men and women have to be kept in line for the good of humanity.