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Supporters Of Dr. Bawumia, It Is Time To Get In Touch With The Delegates

Supporters Of Dr. Bawumia, It Is Time To Get In Touch With The Delegates

The victory team of H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia across the country should get ready for the victory as the day approaches. This is the time to sacrifice in one way or the other for the impending victory. It does not matter wherever you are and your status, it is time to get in touch with the delegates. Let's get to the delegates and preach to them the message of hope. Delegates who are supporting Dr. Bawumia, kindly get in touch with your fellow delegates. Let's network for the victory. If it demands a phone call to get a delegate connected to the DMB'S signal, do it. It is not the win but the margin of the win. It should be massive and humbling. The naked lies should be dispelled to send a signal to whoever plays a mind game to understand that the choice of the people is Dr. Bawumia and there is no amount of lies that can undo it.

Let's properly make the delegates know what Dr. Bawumia stands for and what he has for the party members, grassroots and the delegates themselves. Among other things, let's tell the following key things about Dr. Bawumia to the delegates;

1. Dr. Bawumia was part of NPP bigwigs who advocated for the inclusion of electoral area coordinators and polling station executives in selecting a flagbearer of the party.

2. Dr. Bawumia who is an experienced politician has great respect for democracy and has been in competitive politics since 2008 and therefore understands open contest and will never advocate for MPs to go unopposed as speculated by his distractive opponents. He believes that, the delegates will choose who to lead them in the various constituencies to victory.

3. Dr. Bawumia is advocating for inclusion of electoral area coordinators to be part of the electoral college in selecting regional executives of the party.

4. Dr. Bawumia is promising to establish grassroots' and polling station executives' welfare office to cater for their needs and other grievances.

5. Dr. Bawumia is promising to appoint 10 distinguished men and women into enviable positions from every constituency. He will also appoint and assign two ministers or CEOs from each region and they will serve as a reliable link between the grassroots and the presidency for jobs and other opportunities.

6. Dr. Bawumia is the right person to lead NPP to break the eight.

7. Dr. Bawumia is ready to propel Ghana to the desired destination. He is capable, competent, affable, unifying, dedicated, committed, hard working and development-oriented.

8. He has greatly contributed to the development or initiation of many projects and policies across the country as a Vice President. Among others include, one constituency, one ambulance, agenda 111 hospital projects, ePharmacy platform, Zipline Medical Drone Delivery Services, paperless medical data management system at the various hospitals, paperless clearing of goods at the ports, sinohydro master facility for massive road infrastructural development across the country, Tamale International Airport extension (phase 2), online renewal and registration of NHIS cards, Ghana card, Ghana card in place of traveling passport to enable Ghanaians travel back to Ghana, one village, one dam, reintroduction of nurses and teachers trainees allowance and Free Senior High School (FSHS) policy.

We are proud of our records in government and we will do more under Dr. Bawumia as President of Ghana. We should let the delegates know a candidate who is equally proud of our achievements as a party and government. We should let the delegates understand that, it is better to select a candidate who can win us power than a candidate who is ready to send us to opposition. We should let them know that everyone and his or her opportune time. We will all benefit from the government when our time is riped. We are all living and hoping that our names will be mentioned one day in this government and more hope in the next government of H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Dr. Bawumia, No. 2 on the ballot, second victory loading on November 4

It is possible In Shaa Allah
Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu / Gambaga Constituency
North East Region
[email protected]