Eighty percent of French worried about climate change: report

OCT 25, 2023 LISTEN

Eight out of 10 French people are worried about climate change, an “eco-anxiety” report by the country's Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) has found.

Published Wednesday, the "2023 report on the state of France" shows that all age groups share this concern, with no major difference between people aged under 35 years and older people.

However it did note a gap in concern between men and women. Some 86 percent of women compared to 74 percent of men said they were worried about climate change.

Faced with eco-anxiety, the report found that a large majority – 80 percent – of people wanted to minimise their personal impact on the environment.

Circular economy efforts were seen as the most useful habits to help the planet. First was recycling, followed by purchasing second-hand goods, and then rethinking general consumption such as reducing one's heating during the winter.

However, 37 percent of French people said they lacked the financial means to adopt more eco-friendly behaviour – such as purchasing an electric car over a petrol-run model.

The CESE report is carried out annually with the aim of providing a diagnosis of the economic, social and environmental situation in France.

It's driven by civil society and is intended to inform and influence public policy.

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